Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well Cat is ok. She doesn't know if she has a town to go back to, but she and her family are safe. Does anyone have any info on Slidel and what it's like there. If you do...maybe you dould go to Cat's blog and pass on some info. We do have a unique little network of people to pass info.

I couldn't imagine not knowing if my home were still there, let alone my town. I've been sitting here this morning numb from the stories on tv. I'm a softie. I feel, I cry, give money to the poor, and just wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm the I love you girl. I mean it, though. I don't just throw it out there. Sooooo to see this devastation is so sad. Thank God for the Z and Dr Feel Good. LOL!

I woke up and read Mama Duck this morning. She's one of my top 3 reads every morning. In the midst of all this she can give me a poignant story and a good laugh all at once. According to our friend Erik, he wants us all to know that pictures and cds would be on his list to run with, but you know good porn is hard to replace. :) Love the levity we give one another.

Maire, sweetie, take a deep breathe and just breathe.

I have more to be thankful for today, but hunnies...i'm on cup of coffee #2. I need at least 3 for all this Mooshy stuff I'm about to bestow on you all!

Oh and PS...if I read one more "7" meme with Jon Bon Jovi as a CRUSH...I'm totally going to gag ladies! LOL!


Mama Duck said...

Leave it to Erik to lighten up a serious moment! And for the record, I GUARANTEE that is exactly what Sugar Daddy would have said too being a big fan of the porn.

Happy Tuesday!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Candy Man has one of my little lingerie draw with the DVDs..lol.

Trust me! I sooooo get it.

MIL is here so I had to empty the toys and things out of the drawers. LOL.

Boobies, poop and now porn! What's a little TMI amongst OBAs. :)

Laina said...

LOL about the porn. None in our house, but I guarantee my little friend "Bob" would make it into any bag I packed. ;)

No Jon Bon Jovi on my list. Ugh, what are all you girls thinking? I'm having bad 80's flashbacks just thinking about it!

LizzieDaisy said...

Wow. I so have to go read that post. Just wait. You all will have to ditch all that crap once your kids get older. Not only do they go through your drawers, they listen at your door and they go through your closet looking for xmas presents. And those are not presents for THEM, they are for me. And sniffles, I no longer get them cause, sniffles, they have to be hid so well we can't fricken find them. And that little plaything looked so, well, interesting too. Sigh.

Must say though, my baby is very gifted and I hardly have the need for toys. But still, always nice to have alternate sources to keep things interesting.

And MAN DO I HAVE A STORY FOR YOU ALL. So who wants really bad shit on their blog? Huh? Who... I am too scared to put it on mine. Christie? Do you want porn on your blog? Mama Duck? Anyone want a sex story? Eeks, getting caught with your pants down sux. This was so way worse. Back later.

ThoughtsGalore said...

It's not like they were used in the lately. I just had some warming stuff, a little strip dice game from Valentine's Day, and little scratcher lottery tickets with naughty tasks to do for you sexy one. LOL!

Darlene said...

I was worried about Cat too, it's nice to hear they are ok, but who knows what they'll come home to.

Jewl said...

I have been so wrapped up my my chaos I lost track of everyone. Hope everyone is doing well, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Tammy said...

Don't ya just love mama duck?

Chief Slacker said...

But Bon Jovi is sooooooo, NOT. heh.

You're giving out lingerie now? dang! where have I been!? :O)

Wethyb said...

Hi honey! Long time no comment. Sorry about that. Hope you're doing well. Oh and sorry about the Bon Jovi thing :)

Marie said...

Hi sweet Christie. I'm here.
I'm working out my own stuff but all of it pales in comparison to the suffering and desperation I see in the news stories. I feel helpless and want to help somehow.

I had to come by and visit you now that I am slowly coming back around.

Thank you for your loving words and support.


Anonymous said...

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