Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who Else Needs A Nap????

I'm thinking it's about naptime! I could go snuggle in bed and sleep a few hours. I went to the Country Club Yes..more country club than Y. :) I walked 3.7 miles. WHew! Then I went and sat in the sauna. SOooooooo needed. I have the cruise January 1st and my sister is getting married! Sooooo I need to look good. I love having something give me the extra push to get off my ass. Not that being full time mom, wife, housekeeper, taxi driver....laundry doer...isn't an always off my ass kind of life. :) It really is good for the brain.

So, yes my sister is getting married! We have no date, but it's exciting. I called this morning to push for a color choice on this one...and let's just say it's anything but pink. LOL...Yes that's my favorite color. Hmmmm maybe we can get some pink roses in the mix...:)! What do you think Melanie? I'll get some in somehow. What's a wedding without a little pink!!!! Melanie is much more earthy and high maintenance. Erin is easy...but in a High maintenance kind of way. HHHMMMMMM we must get it from Jan (my mom.)

Ok my blogging babes..I'm feeling better. PMS is subsiding, I think. I'm getting in the Christmas spirit. I love this time of year. Just love it!

Talk to you guys soon....


Lucky Lum said...

i would love a nap. i drink coffee instead.
Congrats to your sis!

Jewl said...

I love this time of year too... just hate trying to decide on gifts for everyone! Congrats to your sister!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Jewl...I actually have one house in my neighborhood that has decorations out! LOL..a little too early for that. Let me get through Turkey Day..and then we can talk about decorations.

They will totally have that pumpkin spice in New York. LOL..they soooo will.

LL..Coffee is my drink of choice next to my Diet Coke. Oh we are such mommies.

Wethyb said...

Oh, you read my's only 6:18am and I already need a nap!

Congratulations to your sister! How exciting!!

Liza said...

Aww, congrats to your sister! I *supposedly* getting married sept 2006, but who knows, the boyfriend hasn't made it *official* yet.

Speaking of coffee, I better go see if it's ready!

LizzieDaisy said...

I talked to the girl at Starbucks about my coffee issues and guess what, she hates coffee too! LOL. She has issues with the fact that they suck you in with all that pretty whipped cream and sprinkly stuff too... make it sound all delish then stick stinky old coffee in it. :) So anyhoo, cream base is the way to go I suppose.

Congrats to the sis. Send me some energy. And if you have time, do a few miles for me cause I can't seem to get off my fat ass. Sniffles. Oh, and my house needs cleaning. Grrr...

Going back to bed now... maybe I am post PMS'ing? :)

[Mat] said...

I'm addicted to naps.

Every day, at 18h.

15 minutes. It's like clockwork. Love that. I'm drawing my gf into my little slumbers, slowly.. I love her.

Hey! Congratulations for your sister! I hope she has a beautiful marriage, lots of love, patience and understanding. HO! and no tornadoes, of course.

Pink, it suits you so well. Plus, it must make you look good, based on your small photograph of yourself.

PMS, well. I've said it before, but it must suck. I remember an ex of mine who really lost all her patience and became really agressive while in that stage.

and christmas. I better get in the mood, I have no idea what to do for christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

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