Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Soooo Needed!

Lizzie has figured out just what we need. It's a different wonderful kind of 12-Step program. Go and figure out if you need this in your life. :)

Then when we figure it out...we can plan a Vegas getaway! You know what they say about Vegas. Mmmmm cocktails, gambling...ooooh and I bet they have a few Ts there!

Just a thought my girlyfriends!


LizzieDaisy said...

I'm game! :) Thanks for the talk yesterday. It was fun. We'll have to do that again! Trying to get the kid ready for school right now, but maybe I'll check back this afternoon.

Peanutt said...

I'm game for a Vegas getaway! And Target? I ran into the most rude lady there the other day, I think its time to stay away! But I can't!!!!!! Hope your well!

ThoughtsGalore said...

I'm well Peanutt and I've missed you! I hope you're ok.

Lizzie..we sooo will!

Ok..Vegas does sound really good, doesn't it? Ooooooh very tempting.

Marie said...

LOL! That's SO funny!! Vegas is always a fun destination and not far from me. As soon as I have some income rolling in again, I'm game. :)

Cat said...

Wow a trip to Vegas sounds so fun! I would so go for that.

eww and I spent some time in Target today. ;)

take care

Fej said...

I can tell you of a good place to visit while in Vegas...

ThoughtsGalore said...

jeff..i'm sure you could tell us a great strip place, too!

Mama Duck said...

First of all...I don't have a problem.

Second of all, if I WERE addicted to Target why in the heck would I want to do a 12 step program!?!?!?


I'd got o Vegas anyway just to get away from my kids for a few days...dammit, did I just say that?!