Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cooking, Buying, or Going Out...?????

What are you guys all doing tomorrow? Who's going all Martha Stewart on us? You all know that my guess is Peanutt. She's, for sure, one of our crafty homey little bloggies. Lizzie, are you cooking for that brood of children or are you bringing in? LOL. I have totally contemplated bringing in the turkey from Honey Baked Ham! Look at that dinner.
Now, I think, I'm going to cook it up! I'm a good cook. It was just cooking a huge dinner for just the 5 of us that will be done in like 10 minutes by the little ones. LOL. It is nice to have the left overs and get the turkey smell going in the house. Yummmmmmm!!!!

Who's going to relatives? I'm sure MamaD is getting her babies all dressed up adorably and going to someone's house. Am I getting close, you guys? My favorite Thanksgiving reminder of when I was little is the greenbean casserole. I remember we always had it in the white Corning Ware with the little blue flowers on it. I'm also a pumpkin pie lover with Coolwhip! Ok I'm getting ahead of myself. Yummm I love Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for ....So many things. My family, friends, health, sense of humor..because God knows that gets me through most days, my puppies, and all those special people that make me smile every single day. Love you....XOXO C


[Mat] said...

Thanksgiving. Stupid me, I never realised what it was for.

In French, the meaning is lost. "Action de grĂ¢ces" - Acts of grace. Right. ok, what grace?

I was wondering what that whole thankful stuff was about.(aboot). Is thanksgiving tomorrow for you guys? Ours was october 10th.

anyways, I'll be at work. But if I were to celebrate, I guess I'd invite myself at my in-laws(not in-laws, not married). My gf's mom cooks so well...

So, enjoy your thanksgiving!

Wethyb said...

Yum, I'm ready for some chow now!!! I'm having turkey day at my house, so that'll be fun!! But no Martha here :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Melanie said...

Well of course we have no Martha in the house cooking. We have good ole dad cooking up a storm. He bought some new cooking tools and is so excited to try them out. I wish you were in town with us. Love you lots my big sis. I'm grateful for my family, friends. Happy thanks giving!

Marie said...

I'll be going to my parents' house today to help prep for the festivities. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you enjoy your time with your beautiful family. *hugs*

Liza said...

I'm going to my parents house and they are cooking but i'm going to try and make that pumpkin cheesecake beth gave the recipe to. happy thanksgiving!

LizzieDaisy said...

Well, we do Thanksgiving every year at my inlaws. They have 10 kids and everyone comes with their own kids which makes like 40 people plus since inlaws of theirs pop in as well... like my parents and sister will be there and I know another dad is coming for sure. So... BIG Thanksgiving dinner. Three turkeys and gosh, every blessed thing you can think of to eat. It's awful. Awful good and awful fattening. :) Tomorrow my son serves at 9am Mass and my niece will be baptized immediately following. Then, dinner. Well lunch. Whatever. We probably won't leave until 8 or 9pm.

Hope you have a great time no matter what you do Christie.

Love ya lots. Really hope you come this way for xmas cause I want to meet you in person so dang bad!!

oh, come see my piccies!!


Dottie said...

DH, the kids and I are going to have a nice, quiet & small Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. Family all scattered everywhere this year and I am just to zapped to do anything big.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all of the goodies!

Jewl said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you chicky! I am so ready to get my eat on! LOL

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