Monday, November 07, 2005

Our Fluff and Her Kidney...

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I finished Jennifer Weiner's Goodnight Nobody! I've had it for a while, but I just found other books to read in between. Ok...Loved it! It's a little different from her other reads, because this has a slight "Sleuth Effect." She just has this way of making the reader fall in love with the characters and giving us a good laugh. Her first, Good In Bed, isn't smut at all. It's my FAVORITE of hers. take your sweet fingers and head over to our Book Bloggin'Babes Blog and become one of our BB Babes.

On a more serious note...We're going to have to get K all her scans for the Infamous Kidney. It's really hard to find a good Urologist. We once had a great one, but here in's a whole different story. Her Nephrologist is moving to another state to a Children's Hospital, so that's another thing I'm going to have to find this week. She was the greatest! Kelsey is healthy and I need to keep her that way. She's my miracle and after life changed. It's amazing how children do that to us. I just get anxious doing all the doctor calls, because it brings me back to those years ago when things were crazy and she was so sick.

I don't live in the past, but I do wonder sometimes. How can I not? It's the way I think. This brain of mine never stops working.

Site Meters..
Have you ever woken up and check your site meter just for the heck of it, only to discover the last person on earth you'd ever think of had found your site. You soooo know who you are. :) It warms my soul.

Ok sweeties...I am sooooo going to starbucks and getting a pumpkin spiced latte. Oh and ours is a drive-thru! So, I don't even have to worry about getting gorgeous..LOL. I can sip it while I plan my Cruise transportation! :)


Cat said...

enjoy your latte sweety! and goodluck with your search of docs.
I will be headed to our starbucks later today. I can't wait!

Take care

ThoughtsGalore said...

Mmmmm yummy. I love that you're my first post again.

Mama Duck said...

OMG, I'd freak if certain people found me (not that I hide all that well).

Did I miss something about this kidney thing? Is Kelsey sick or was this a leftover condition from infancy? Don't scare me like this...

ThoughtsGalore said...'s a continuing condition. No worries. It's just that every year around right now this happens and she gets sick. There are no flu shots to be found and I'm just anxious. She has one kidney and it's thrashed. She was born with both of them very damaged. Her good one..has been removed and she's left with that's like the Duracell Bunny. It's just keeps going and going. Our last visit to the doctor was ok, but her belly is starting to get puffy again. As a mom..I've just notices she gets like this and soon after she's sick. I'm sooo hoping not, so that's why I'm taking her in before her next scheduled appointment and getting the scans for her. I'm just typing and typing..but we goes on. :)

Dottie said...

Oh Christie, how scary for you and your family. I hope that she stays well and doesn't get sick. We have an abundance of flu shots here in podunkville....I wish I could send you a couple! Good luck with your Dr search.

Liza said...

Awww, poor Kelsey!! My sister, my dad, and I all suffer from chronic kidney infections and kidney stones (I've been blessed to not get them as frequently or as bad as my sister and dad. My sister actually has kidney disease) so I'll say an extra prayer for her :)

Man have I got a lot of books to catch up on lol!!

[Mat] said...


Don't know what to say about your kid's condition.

And there's an old saying : If you don't know what to say, just shut up.

Be strong.

ThoughtsGalore said...

You guys! She's going to be fine! I swear. She's already had 17 surgeries...she's amazing. Life is good. I just get anxious when this all happens.

thanks for your thoughts.

Erin said...

Ok, thats for the instructions on how to leave a comment. I might be 24, but I am computer illiterate. I love you and I hope you find a good doctor. Fucking lawyers make it expensive to be a doctor these days.LOL


Melanie said...

Hey I hope that you find a good doc too. Kelsey is amazing, too bad her doc is moving. Erin's right..those damn lawyers! And thanks for the instructions.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Wow!!!! My baby sisters both posted! Get blogs already you slow pokes.

Yes readers Erin and Melanie are my sisters! I am their mother Christie...and they are sweeties. Erin is in law school and Melanie is newly pregnant! That's right I'm going to be an Aunt...or as we say in my family...a Ti Ti!

Soooo stoked.

Fej said...

Of course, it sounds like you have your priorities in order.

You handle your family reading your blog well too.

Marie said...

I'm glad that Kelsey is healthy. I'm sure that as a mom it is only natural to worry a bit and of course stay on top of things to ensure that she stays healthy! :)

LizzieDaisy said...

My sister reading my blog is one thing... if she tells the folks or forgets to erase the history at the folks house though, I will throttle her. :)

So are they the ones that warm your heart? Who knows who else is lurking... I'll dream up a whole past for you if you don't watch it. Hee.

Hugs to the babe... I know she'll be fine!

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