Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fluff on the Brain...

I picked up this little one from Mat. My brain is hurting at the moment and wanted to put something up. So here it it's fun.

1. Unbreakable:: My Spirit!
2. Have mercy:: Uncle Full House's Uncle Jesse! (My 80's Heartthrob)
3. Do it better:: Being On Time!
4. Settle scores:: Rematch in Scrabble!
5. Comments:: Tooo many lurkers not leaving comments!
6. Craziest thing:: My addiction to Sudoko..
7. Apple:: Who names a baby APPLE.
8. Halloween:: Princesses and Spiderboys
9. Manageable:: Life.
10. Trick:: Only if you give me a treat..:)

That's it. What's your uncouncious muttering?


Cat said...

Hmmmm rather interesting. will have to do this one. ;)

take care girl

LizzieDaisy said...

I was going to say Jesse on mine too, but totally blanked on his name, even though we watch that show every day around here. Sigh. Bad day. Anyway, I did that one on meme chose. I love that one. E always has the best memes up at the end of his posts too. I need to grab a few new ones from him.

We both like Scrabble! Cool. We should find a board where we can play against each other online. :)

What is Sudoko?

Dottie said...

Uncle Jesse! Wasn't he the hottie! I agree on the name Apple and definately have to settle my Scrabble scores! LOL

ThoughtsGalore said...

We soooo need online Scrabble. Doesn't Yahoo have it in their gaming room? Hmmm. Something else to do. LOL.

I have two girls who LOOOOOVE Full House. I am telling that it's on every day and I know every episode. Wow..I really do have fluff on the brain. :)

Liza said...

I really wanted to name my kid apple! NO JOKE!! ask beth. i was so super pissed when gwyneth named her kid apple. but actually i'm glad she did because now i know that it is a really crappy name loL!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Let's thank God right now that Gwenneth took the fall. You don't name your child after Fruit! LOL!

Hey what about Banana!

Wethyb said...

Uncle Jesse all the way!

bart said...

ok, here's the part-time lurker again, who's going just slightly out of his mind at the moment...
nice list my dear but... who's Uncle Jesse? (sorry...)

will do my own unconscious muttering sometime, just still need to find my mind first...

keep well