Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Happy Happy...

Thank you to the Veterans. You have given our country the freedom we enjoy every single day. Your sacrifice and loyalty for these United States of America will forever be remembered.

Lizzie Girl made up that hot happy face and wants us to to think of what we're happy for.

So here I go:

"I'm happy I can laugh at myself."
"I'm happy am capable (able to light the log in the fireplace)"
"I'm happy I'm sensual."
"I'm happy I'm a fashion plate."
"I'm happy I'm computer illiterate. If I were I wouldn't have met all you wonderful Bloggin' Babes."

Thank you friend for having me change it to the positive...:)

PS...a little "grown up" ass shaking music, since no one really enjoyed "my humps"
Happy Friday Sweeties...


Cat said...

I like this one, too cute! and Great list, I need to do mine soon!

Take care

ThoughtsGalore said...

You have a wonderful day sweetie!

Liza said...

I'm happy that you're happy (haha)

Cute smiley face!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

I'm happy that it's FRIDAY!!!

6 more hours of work then I'm FREE!!

[Mat] said...

here's mine.
***Please note, this list in not entirely exact, in no way exhaustive, may dismiss some information, may be subject to change depending on the time of day, all similarities to persons, living or dead, is completely random, I assure you that no animals were hurt durind the making of this list, all jokes are meant as jokes, the subject of this list does not necesarily reflect the thoughts and ideas of blogger or my mom, and also, while this may project a negative image of myself, I'm truly a great, passionnate, loving and awesome person. Good reading****
I'm happy because I'm not addicted to Targets (a little pun here :))
I'm happy because I've got a wonderful girlfriend
I'm happy because I'm not like my boss
I'm happy because life is good
I'm happy because I'm not a drug addict.


I'M not a blogging babe, but I like you. ;)

Good day!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Mat did you miss the part where guys are babes, too? :)

Liza hunny...wooohooo only 6 hours.

Dottie said...

Nice tribute to our veterans!
Love your happy list.....
I'm happy I haven't died yet from whatever has made me so darn sick!
Have a great weekend!

Marie said...

That's a wonderful tribute and acknowledgment on this Veteran's Day. :)

I love the happy face and reasons to be happy list! Too cute. I'm happy that I am healthy. I'm happy that I have a wonderful loving and supportive family. I'm happy to have met so many cool bloggers here. I'm happy to be alive.

[Mat] said...


yeah I did.

So babes is a general appelation then.

Like... it.

I get it

LizzieDaisy said...

I did different ones on my blog, but here are a few more:

I am glad I am not a paraplegic.
I am glad I am not an illiterate person.
I am glad I am not a full time working mother. (outside the home that is!!)

I am VERY glad I am a babe. Hee...

Wethyb said...

We're all babes :)

Yay, happy Friday!! I have so many new ideas for posts now that I've read everyone else's :)

Liza said...

Well, now I only have 15 minutes so I survived!! Have a great weekend, Christie!!

Liza said...

oh and random, lizzie, you put parapalegic too and i hadn't even read that here before i did it on your blog. strange.

Anonymous said...

OK, no more lurking... Here's my comment: You're happy for all the things you're NOT. Let's put a positive spin on it...
I'm happy I can laugh at myself.
I'm happy I am capable.
I'm happy I'm sensual.
I'm happy I'm fashionable.
I'm happy I'm computer literate.

How's that sound? You're so much more than all of that, you know! :-)

Hugs from your SLO girlfriend

Anonymous said...

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