Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tornados on the Radar!!!!!!!

Update: Yes, we ended up in the Celler. UGH!! We had tornados all over Metro Nashville. I swear it sounded like a freight train when we decided to go to the hole under the house. (ick..) We're good. It's the worst rain storm I've seen. So, that being said, we were lucky. Now, we need a flashlight! I had my cell phone opened for the light. We need chairs down there and a major light. Oh and everyone with cable has lost it in the area...thank God for Directv. Weather people live for this stuff.
I know my friends in the midwest aren't new to this, but friends...I'm freaking out. We have a line of horrible tornado weather through the whole state, with a straight shot for Nashville.

Ok Ok Ok..I know there it's not katrina or Rita....but I'm from San Diego and AZ. I'm used to sun and nice weather. I don't even have a real basement. We have a Celler and you won't find this woman in a dark place with no light!!!!1

Sooooo think good thoughts my friend. I'm sure things will be fine. I know, I know...this is to show me that yesterday wasn't really as bad as my pity party made it out to be. :)

I wanted to send this in case we lost power. You know it's the South and all the powerlines are above ground...(ugh!)
PS...Lizzie...I'm thinking of you, too....I know they're around there, as well.

Hugs and kisses...


Marie said...

I hear you, girl! I have never been around or have seen tornadoes in action aside from TV footage. I wouldn't know what to do first! I'm thinking of you and pray that you are all out of harm's way.

Cat said...

I am thinking of you girl! been in tornados and Hurricanes, they can be scarey. Just be sure you have a safe, secure place to go if needed!

we are getting snow flurries. woohoo!

Take care!

erin said...

oh honey I didn't realize that tornados were heading you way. I hope you guys are safe, i bet you are freaking out...keep us updated

Dottie said...

They were swirling all around us all day, hit 20 miles to our south, just north of us and all over to the east of us. We still don't know how our family's place on KY lake faired, it was in the path of one of the tornados. I saw it was moving your way and said a little prayer for you. Thankfully we just had heavy rain and strong, strong winds...still scary stuff! I hope you all made it thru unscathed! Lizzie, you too!

[Mat] said...


Hope you're okay.

Seems all weathers are going crazy these days.


Thinking of you!

Cat said...

So glad to hear you are alright! I was thinking of you. I think I would do some decorating in your celler! light, comphy chairs, stock up. Just in case. ;) We have a nice nook under our stairway in the basement, think I will turn this into a nice "safe zone"
I have learned to always be prepared.

Take care sweety!

Choppzs said...

Ugghhh, I hate tornado season!! Use to scare me to death as a kid! I have been through numerous hurricanes and I would still rather have them then a tornado. At least with a hurricane you have a warning a day or so in advance so you can leave the area. Tornados just spring up out of nowhere with no warning!! Tornados are one of my biggest fears, to this day I still have nightmares about them!! I am thinking of you, and like cat said, do some redecorating in your cellar, and make it all nice and cozy, even if it is just a simple light and some lawn chairs, at least it's a safe place to go!!

LizzieDaisy said...

You know, we're pretty bad. We had the warnings but didn't go down to the basement. We really never do unless they are metro (yours were). The county is pretty big, ya know? We just keep the weather station on and listen. If the tornado is nearby, obviously we'll send the kids down and go down if it's loud or ucky out, but that's just a very rare occasion. We should probably not teach the kids to blow off tornado warnings, but then again, I don't want them to live in absolute fear either... when it'd be such a fluke to even have one in the city. So anyhoo... we're fine. They were all around the city, but still a good 30 miles out at the least. Nowhere near enough to panic. :) What can I say, I grew up with them... and even the weather lady was kinda blowing it off. Really, she was!

Liza said...

I'm so glad that you are okay!! I heard there were so many tornadoes that went through the midwest/south. While you had rainstorms, we had snow lol!! Glad you were safe :)

Jewl said...

I lived in TX so I know exactly what you went through... I have been in the closet a few times with my Cell phone as a light...LOL We had so many claims with our insurance agent that I can't believe they never dropped us.
Hope you are doing okay.

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