Friday, November 04, 2005

Rugs and Socks and No Doormat...OH MY!

Lovely, newly, engaged Kristine has another SPF for us.
1. Rugs... You'll see my sweet baby Mocha. Yes, I'd love another baby..but you know Mocha is just waaaaay easier. He's just so loyal and greets me with such love when I walk in the door with whiny babies. :) With the rugs, that I gathered and put'll notice a nice selection of rugs from Which store? LOL.

2. Socks Socks Socks. I don't like my feet too hot. I do like these little pink ones. They save your feet! Socks save feet! Do you hear me. You don't need a pedicure a week to keep your feet nice and soft. Vaseline, socks..and a pumice stone...make for soft sexy feet. Too bad my hubby can't stand feet, in general.

3. You want my Doormat!??? I just put it in the Rubbermaid with the Halloween things! I need one for the "inbetween" time. Before Christmas...and after Halloween. Maybe i'll go pick one up this weekend. We never use the front door, though. We are park in the garage, and in through that door kind of people. LOL. Go figure.

Let us know if you played!


Cat said...

Very nice! I am trying to play this one, but blogger is acting up. LOL

TBG said...

love the rugs and the cute dog!
I played!

Liza said...

cute rugs!! Your doggies are sooo cute!!!! Happy Friday!!

Tammy said...

Very cute puppies!!

Love your rugs.

Hm. . . that sounded kinda dirty, didn't it?

I played.

Marie said...

Very fun! Mocha is such a cutie. And I'm loving the socks.

Have a good weekend!

Carrie said...

You have quite the collection of rugs! The doggies are adorable! :)

Mama Duck said...

Oh oh oh!!! They're from Target!!!!!!

(I guessed that, but now I see there's a post about The Big Red Bullseye

Dottie said...

Target has great rugs, as evidenced in your post! Your puppies are too cute! I have a Mocha, too! An 8.5 y/o chocolate lab!

[Mat] said...


what's up with that target!

I loved your photos! Happy Friday!

ThoughtsGalore said...

See Mat...we women, are fanatics. :)

ficklechick said...

Your dog is adorable!!!

Wethyb said...

Love those socks!!!! And Mocha too!

Liza said...

Hey Christi! I got outbid for the million pieces book and I can't afford to go higher than 10$, so if you're still willing to let me borrow it, let me know! OH and I'm so excited, I got my first book in the mail today from ebay! I got "She's Come Undone" by Wally Lamb and even though I've only read a few pages so far, it looks like it could be a really interesting book! Have you ever read any books by Wally Lamb? I haven't but my friend Jes recommended him to me and she's actually reading the same book right now so it'll be interesting to see what she thinks of it while I'm reading it too! Have a great weekend!!

Liza said...

and by christi i mean christiE lol sorry about that!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Liza!!! I will totally send it to you!

Just email me!