Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dreaming of a Getway...

Let me set the scene for you. I'm having coffee, looking through the paper, freaking out that Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away...and I have just told my oldest to stop talking. She has been complaining since she woke up. I'm sure it has something to do with her brother waking her up in his total OCD meltdown. He couldn't find his Spiderman Shoes! Now, Why at 6:02AM would he need shoes..because his Spiderman costume needs the matching shoes. I guess he thought Mocha baby came in and grabbed one of the shoes from it's designated resting spot. Help me now. :) So he slammed her door and she was up. UGH.

Since I've told the princess to stop talking she has. However...she's a smart girl. That's right my friends, she's sitting on the other couch using sign language to talk to me. I glare. She explains how I told her she couldn't talk, but she could sign. Calgon take me away.

Where's the husband? Oh, he's sleeping. Remember, he needs his sleep. Yawn. Sigh... and I'm trying not to be bitchy. Today is a new day. My mantra.

As the mantra goes through my brain..I dream of a getaway. Something away from them all. You know where I'm going with this. Ok, I've got tropical coming in January..but I want something with girlfriends.

Relaxing, Cocktails, a little gambling, lots and lots of people watching, and sunning by the pool. Come on...I dare you all! Let's sooooo plan something fun. LOL...we all need it! Remember What happens in Vegas...Stays in Vegas...!!!! LOOK!!!You can get a room with a STRIPPER POLE!!!!!Not that we would do that, but just the thought that we could......:)We could have some fun Share Picture Fridays.

Totally kidding with the Stripper Pole! That was a Holy Crap moment, though. Let's see..."Oh yes, I'd like the special Stripper Pole room, because I'm feeling extra slutty!...Oh, and do you offer Stripper Pole lessons with a local stripper? I need to learn some sexy moves while I'm there?!!!!!!!!!"

Happy Sunday Friends...


Choppzs said...

I agree with the getaway fantasy, although I am not a big fan of Vegas. I think I would choose a remote place on Maui, or some tropical island somewhere where there is no noise, except for the ocean. Just sitting on a beach chair, sipping a cocktail, bathing in the sun, and listening to the birds and ocean while reading a good book!!! And...this would be after I was done having baby #3 so I could drink the cocktail and smoke a cigarette!! lol MMMMMM, if only dreams could come true!!!

LizzieDaisy said...

I want the stripper pole room! Course, all I would have to do is show that to the hub and tell him it comes with a private lesson from one of the strippers from the show I bought tickets for... and I could SO be there. Hey, it could be his MBA graduation present on tomorrow. WHEEE. Ha. Kidding.

So anyway, getting away together sounds like a blast and I have another internet friend that lives in Vegas I'd kill to meet, but no way no how would my hub let me go to Vegas alone. Or probably anywhere else. Sigh. Besides, what would I do with the kids? Course they would LOOOVE the pole. LOL.

Anyway, probably won't happen. At least not right now. Too bad you don't live in KY and we couldn't just drive and meet in Indy or something.

OMGosh, I forgot. My hub's first cousin is married to a guy on your hub's base. He's a green beret or something. Anyhoo... I'm emailing you. Curious if you know her. :)

Marie said...

You are SOOOO funny!! I didn't know that some rooms come with poles. LOL

I'm always up for Vegas. It's a quick hour flight for me (I don't like to do that drive anymore). How fun would that be?! :-)

erin said...

you need a good vacation, my friend has a great package deal to vegas. it includes limo service, hotel, and vip to all the clubs you want to go to. I will send you the info.

Liza said...

I have always wanted a stripper pole. We used to have a pole barn with a pole in the middle and I had that mastered, now I'm ready for the big time. I could definitely use a nice get away too!! Your daughter cracks me up, reminds me of me when I was little!

Lucky Lum said...

I would totally take the stripper pole room!
I don't think I can get away anytime soon though... damn!
Why don't you consider coming to Austin in Feb for the "Blog Blowout"?? (see
I'm trying to convince Mama Duck to come too! In fact, everyone should come... it would be so much fun to meet all the blogging babes and party!

Cat said...

OH God, my hubby sees that he will be begging for a pole in our bedroom!

I so need a getaway too girl. but not sure if hubby would allow Las Vegas as my getaway. Hmmmm
LOL at your witty little girl you got there. what a crack up! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

Too funny! So, we all want a pole?! We at least want to try it...right? :) my hubby would say gooooo aaahhhhead...go to vegas. LOL! But friends...if we promise stripper taught moves, with a pole..maybe they'd think about it. :)

[Mat] said...

A pole.

Right, wonder why it's there, who's touched it and when's the last time it's been cleaned.

And what about that couch :)

Stripping is good. :) (Like I'll say anything else)

Vegas, on the other hand, sounds fake. It's just not my cup of tea. (remember, I'm an accountant)(yes, I'm allergic to spending money freely like that)(Yes, sometimes, it's boring:))

I'd rather go with Choppz's idea of a getaway fantasy. Just more in my taste. But then again, A full room of lovely women and a stripper pole in the room?

Decisions, decisions... :-)

Your kid's funny :) It reminds me of things I used to do. I remember a christmas when they first told me that it was everyone's birthday. I said : woah! I'm now 5 years old. Of course, a debate ensued. And already, I was debating things. I always do. Sometimes, just for the sake of it.

So, good day girl!

Melanie said...

OMG! I can see it now. You twirling around the stripper pole..lmao! I think T would be down if you learned to do that stuff.. You can take aerobic strip classes. I think that sounds pretty cool. OH! guess what..the morning sickness started..IT SUCKS!!!!!! it hit me at 10a and 1a this morning. Just shoot me now..that's all i can say.

you're lovely little sis,


Mama Duck said...

OK, I posted a comment but it's not here...maybe I failed the word verif. and didn't notice?

What I had said was...we don't say "slutty" we say "sexually adventurous" and that I am TRYING to make the Blog Blowout but my teeny, tiny town SUCKS and it costs a mint to fly anywhere out of here.

That is all.

Wethyb said...

I'd love to go to Vegas. I've never been there. How fun! I just want the fun, sun, gambling...and maybe a stripper pole or two :)

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