Tuesday, November 29, 2005


8 Firsts:

First Best Friend: K Hosier, Junior High to High School. Then I moved and that was it. She was wonderful, beautiful...and the girly with the boys. I was the girl with the beautiful one.

First Kiss: R Gunderson. It was in the 8th grade and we were at the bike racks. LOL. Toooo funny.
First Screen Name: Calliecuti

First Pet: JJ..the Calico cat. He died back in the 70s when the house was tented for termites.

First Piercing: Ears

First Crush: Scott Horn 4th Grade

First CD: First big record I remember listening to a million times was a Go Gos Album..Then Madonna's. Yep...the 80s. Tapes and Albums. I don't even remember the CD.

First Car: 1986 Mazda RX 7! It was a cute little silver car! Loved it!

7 Lasts:

Last alcoholic beverage: Jack and Diet Coke. Right now!

Last car ride: Being the taxi Mommy doing pick ups tonight.

Last Kiss: Little licks from Mocha.

Last movie seen: I watched "Kicking And Screaming" on Saturday night. Fabulous.

Last phone call: My favorite girlfriend Lori about an hour ago.

Last CD played: John Mayer... Any Given Thursday

6 Have you ever???

Dated a best friend? Oh yes...R Steinacher.

Skinny dipped? Oh yeah!

Been in love? Wonderful love.

5 Things

Your wearing? This is funny...yes Pink yoga pants and Grey Sweatshirt. Pink is my signature color. :)

You did yesterday? Talked on the phone quite a bit. Got over the food thingy. Did some Christmas shopping. Got caught in the rain with Sammy and was soaked to the skin.

Can't live without? I'm so high maintenace the list would go on forever.

Where you've been? I'll say lived...Cali, AZ, VA, Cali, now TN.

3 people you can tell almost anything to? (In no particular order)


2 Choices

Black or white? Black.

Hot or Cold? Cold. I can always wrap up.

Well, I hope you decide to steal from me, which in turn makes Peanutt
Have a great day!!!
Yes Peanutt I copied you!


Peanutt said...

YAY!!! You do love me!! LOL. I loved the list you hot pink babe you!!!!
I hope your having a great night enjoying your drink!!! I think I might drink a beer...that is all we have in the house at the moment! I could really go for a captains and coke, oh yeah, with the kids in bed and hubby gone to work early, what a wonderful evening I'm having!!! I hope you are too!

Wethyb said...

That's a great list. I'll have to do it too!!! MMMM, cap and Coke sounds good right about now. Hope all's well over your way!!

[Mat] said...

like that list.
will do it later. I'm to sleepy now.

nighty night girl.

Heather said...

Hey you! I have been craving me some Christie-Tini's and wondering how in the world you have been! I have soo much to tell you, so hollah at me sometime :)

BTW, you need a christmas design..Im feeling generous :)

-Heather (Why yes, THAT Heather)

Jewl said...

I thought for sure you were going to say you couldn't live without Target... Likin' the list...
I should of had a drink with you last night, could have used it! :)

LizzieDaisy said...

I'll have to do one later on. If I can find the time and energy. Geesh, might as well take that back. Sniff.

Anyway, I feel so bad for the kitty! How sad. Hope you got a new one. And I really wish I could have a jack and coke right now. Yes, it's 8:12am. Bad day. :)

Have a good one Christie! xoxo

Cat said...

I like this list, I may do this also, cuz I got nothin for today!

Take care!

ThoughtsGalore said...

LOL...if you've got nothing...do the list! I did.

Ok..so how did we all get the blahs at the same time!

Thinking of you guys!

Choppzs said...

Loved your list, but need more coffee before I can even attempt to blog (since i haven't done so in 2 wks) or read any more blogs!! lol MUST HAVE MORE COFFEE!!! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

oh hunny...I need more coffee too! Mine doesn't seem to be working.

Dottie said...

lol! I have too much to blog on to catch up but no energy nor inclination to do it so your list worked perfectly for me!

There really must be a bad case of Blahs going around. I can't seem to get my head above it and get anything done!