Monday, November 21, 2005

Just a Few Thoughts for a Cold Monday...

1. When do boys/men figure out that they really need to put the seat down. For my little would be put it up before he pees. Hmmm. I'm not going to totally give you the visual, but let's just say somebody had her ass fall in and it wasn't pretty! "Women teach your boys to put the seats down!" Maybe the husbands will follow the boys' lead." Ugh..then maybe not.

2. I'm all for putting lights on the house early, but come on. It's Nov. 21st! Please old lady across the street who mows the lawn in the lovely "housecoat" don't put the decorating in the kids head yet! I know I know...your cheery..but come on! They are going to complain for lights every single day until I put them up. Yes..I do all the handy work around the house. My husband is just not festive. Hmmm.

3. When will I get spooned and not just from the dog. I know I know...I have it so rough, but this mommy really needs a little spooning. Yes..all about me, but so what.

4. Should I just buy the Thanksgiving Dinner or make it. It's only the kids and hubby, but I do love to cook. Sigh. I will be the only one to do dishes and If I'm going to all that trouble to cook for hours I'm eating on the china. Then I'll have to wash it all by hand. LOL...such decisions.

5. I'm going shopping on the day after...just because! I'm going without hubby or kids. Does anyone want to come and join me? Throw on those Nikes and just do it. I need a friend to power shop with me. Ok..just a guy to hold the bags would do, but hubby hates to shop. See a theme? That's why I do it all online, but I'm getting the urge to just go this year. Mmmmmm i'm living on the edge.

I'm done. I'll come up with something cheerier to chat about later. The coffee hasn't hit me yet.


[Mat] said...


ThoughtsGalore said...

my coffee is sooooo not doing it today. the hubby didn't buy the good stuff. I will fix that this morning. Off to buy the good stuff.

LizzieDaisy said...

OOooo, I'll shop with you! I ALWAYS shop the day after Thanksgiving and pretty much finish it all that day. Usually I shop at Walmart and Target, but I'm not so keen on Walmart after that movie. It was pretty convincing. Jerks. :) Anyhoo, wishin I lived closer so we could hang out. Sniffles.

I say make the dinner (or most of it like the desserts cause they are fun) use the crystal (cause crystal is soooo pretty, and maybe a few serving platters) but use regular plates and silverware cause I hate doing dishes. Hee. I'm weenie.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Lizzie I soooooo would shop with you any day any time. LOL. Ok, we're going to have to do a half way sometime soon. I even looked up where you were in the state!!! It looked like snow there. Bundle up sweetie! the movie made you hate the big Don't you hate Ok, but they still have the occassional really good deal.

I'm going to bake the yummies and get the turkey. Crystal for sure.

Peanutt said...

I'm wearing my Nikes! What time shall we meet???? I'd love to power shop with you!!!

On another note, my boys are actually very good at putting the seat down. Surprisingly enough hubby doesn't like the lid of the toilet to stay open so I'm not the only one teaching it!!! Yay!!
Have a great day honey!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Stop Everything! Peanutt has come out of her hiding place! LOL!

I've missed you sweetie!!!!!! Where is a good halfway spot?

Stacie said...

I hear that! It was the first rule when I was potty training. My boys rarely ever leave the seat up and get this..they do laundry, clean the bathrooms, do the dishes, sometimes cook the dinners, help make the shopping lists, mow the lawn, hmmmhave I left anything out? I figure if they can program a computer and hook up all those dang video game consoles, then they can surefire load a washing machine and press a couple of buttons. (I don't let them iron though) I found you through Lizzydaisy... Love your blog design. Stacie

Wethyb said...

Some peeps around us have those damn lights up ALL YEAR LONG! Drives me nuts!!

Cat said...

Girl, I could use some spooning right now also. has been a long long time, and will be even longer till it happens. UGH.

Mama Duck said...

OMG. Our neighbors across the street put their decor up yesterday. These people keep their lawn so free of leaves I'll bet they get pissed when our vagrant leaves blow over there.

The cute decorations and immaculate lawn makes the rest of us look bad.

my two cents said...

After I read about how all the water and germs spread everywhere every time you flush, I've taught EVERYONE to close the lid BEFORE FLUSHING. Presto, no seat issues!

Just stopped by to give you my blog address...yes, I finally did it! Send me your thoughts...

Your SLO girlfriend AKA My Two Cents

Erin Leigh said...

I don't own nikes and I don't live in Tenn, but if the situation were different I know I would be the best power shoppper you have ever seen. I have long legs remember, you would have to keep up with me, I have been training all year for this.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Did I just get more that 6 comments? LOL.

Eri are my first pick my baby sister. Girlies..she has got legs from here to the sky. She's got this body that makes me wonder how we came from the same gene pool. Before babies...I never had abs even close to as flas as hers. LOL. Aaaahhh..but no jealously just my sweet girl who I love.

MTC..I'm in a state of shock! I can't believe you did it. let's get to working on the will. :) Yes...nudge...I know.

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