Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Welcome to the world of my daughter. Let's just say that she is giving, loving and a straight A student. She averaged a 97% for all of her advanced classes in school. We live a nice life...so she dreams big. She gives money at church, volunteers for youth service projects and understands there are others who are not as blessed as she is. She collects $59 for Katrina Victims, all on her own. Ok...so she's a good kids. Got it?!

Here is the Princess's Christmas Wish List...
1 Cell Phone
2 Ipod (a real one like Daddy's not the fake kind like yours..lol) Whatever!!!
3 Jesse McCartney CD
4 Mariah Carey CD
5 Black Eyed Peas CD
6 Kelly Clarkson CD
7 Howie Day CD
8 Simple Plan CD
9 Earrings
10 Jeans..
11 Skirts..not above the knew or below the knee
12 Ugg Clogs
13 Ugg Boots like on Oprah Mommy..!

LOL!!!!!! Yes, I'd say she dreams big. Now...she won't get it all and she'll get a fake ipod like mine. This list was very well thought through, though. She gets major points for effort..LOL!

Welcome To My World


Liza said...

aww, that's like my christmas list :) only take out the poppy cd's and put in some christian & metal (is that an oxymoron?) cd's haha.

you've raised yourself a great girl!!

Cat said...

Ahhh to cute! She has a great list there, I might use it! lol

Take care

[Mat] said...

great kid :)

straight A's kid. Good for her. I hope she gets what she wants. Except the cell phone. I mean damn.

If you put it all in numbers...
cell phone 100$+
Ipod 129+ - least expensive
5 cd.. about...70$
jeans. about 60$

So, on that list, you've got about what 500$

Don't you love christmas.

I wonder how much mine will cost...

[Mat] said...

also. how cute is that picture!?

ThoughtsGalore said...

Ok..here's the thing with the cell phone. If we put her on our plan, then we pay an extra $10 a month and get one of the free phones! Ok, now that's the cheapest gift I can think of...LOL.

The only reason for the cell is that they don't have pay phones anywhere. At school if she needs to call me after..then she's out of luck. At her friends..I have full access to her. Sooooo it's a thought. Oh and don't forget, she's hijacked the house phone! If she uses this after 7 and on Weekends..then we're in business!

Erin said...

because she is soo beautiful and has a big heart, how about I get her a couple of those CD's for christmas.

sound good??

LizzieDaisy said...

Yeah, the kids get cell phones AFTER they get to high school and no sooner. That's the deal we made with them. Until then, ya know, it's not like we don't pick them up and drop them off anyhoo. Where are they without a phone that we aren't? Nowhere. Still, like you said, cheap. Unless you use all your minutes like I do. Hee.

CDs. Eeks. What's with that? I download music once in awhile for free off a site. I should share it. I'll email it. Mostly I do iTunes and spend a good $5 a week on music for the kids. It adds up. I never buy cds. I take that back. I bought ONE this year for my son for his bday cause they didn't have it on iTunes. Probably good cause they bite. I'm too nice.

We are getting the kids one big prezzie each and some little shit. Still, it adds up bigtime. Especially with our large families. I hope he gets a big bonus after xmas. PLEASE GOD? :)

And yeah, she is adorable. My older ones do not get those kind of grades anymore. The older they get, the worse grades they get. I'm hoping it's just tough right now cause they're smart and in some advanced classes. Wah.

Peanutt said...

Ahh, to be a girl and dreaming big! Lol, from the mom of two boys, army men, hot wheels oh, Nicholas wants the new handheld DS (gameboy). I wish I were still young and only had to worry about receiving the gifts!!! LOL.

Laina said...

Here's a thought. Get the iPod (the fake one, lol), then get her a gift card to walmart.com and she can download music to her heart's content. You know she only wants one or two songs off of each of those CD's anyway probably. You'll get off a LOT cheaper in the long run if you just buy the iPod. :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Great Ideas! Lizzie...Hubby only downloads from iTunes..lol and i don't have his password. She loves cds for the car and her room, so maybe we just do the downloading thing and burn them. GREAT IDEAS!

Oh and she's a girl. Do boys even know what the phone is? :)

[Mat] said...

though one, the phone. It seems everyone has a phone nowadays.

Can't live without it, can they...

I wonder what I did when I was a kid. How could I live???

No cell phone? What? and the only ones that existed were as big as a directory?
Man how old are you, creep. Geezer.


my two cents said...

mat said:
"cell phone 100$+
Ipod 129+ - least expensive
5 cd.. about...70$
jeans. about 60$

One beautiful girl with straight A's - PRICELESS!!!

I'm on the fence about the cell phone myself. Pretty handy (for her and YOU) but, sheesh! What next, you know?

Cat said...

As a mom of 3 boys, yes, cell phones are a BIG WANT! lol Oldest has one already, and 10 yr old is begging for one. but he never goes anywhere, so not sure why he wants it LOL

ThoughtsGalore said...

I just want my house phone back!!!!
Yeah yeah yeah..I could just say get off the phone, but I too was a girl once.

Wethyb said...

She's so cute! What a great kid she is! I hope Gracie turns out that good.

ThoughtsGalore said...

...and she was the starter child..lol

Lucky Lum said...

Good girl. Wants all the important things.
I love the iTunes too! You can get gift cards for there also. (I ask for one every year)

[Mat] said...

For everything else...
there's mastercard :)

Mama Duck said...


So what, she's getting earring and a few CDs?

Is this what I have to look forward to? (sigh)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Oh baby...you soooo get to look forward to all of that. She's got a budget already (how about that.)

LL has a great idea, along with Lizzie Daisy. I'm getting the iTunes gift card, I think. Hmmm I guess that will mean she needs the ipod..(yes fake one.) I found these beautiful rings with initials on them. Very pretty. I'm thinking that might be perfect.

Oh decisions.

Choppzs said...

Gosh your daughter looks so much like you it is unreal!!! I sure hope Olivia gets to be that responsible and mature (I know your saying "yeah right, she just SOUNDS responsible and mature" lol)but right now I am just happy when Olivia offers to watch her little brother for me when I need a shower!!

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