Friday, November 18, 2005

Closing My Eyes...And Dreaming of January 1st, 2006

My friends that is the view I'm going to have on January 1st. Yes, it's ok to hate me now. There's still room if you want to come along. :) If I can talk my hubby into it...I'm sure you guys can too. Oh that's right....some of you actually do the money in your relationships! LOL! Hey, then it's no problem.

That view is almost the same as the one from my room. That is a cabin that's 4 rooms away from mine. There's this great website CruiseCritic that gives all kinds of info and pictures from all the cruise lines. It's awesome. I even Googled the Conquest and typed in my room number and ship. It pulled up all the websites with rooms on the Conquest. My room wasn't on there, but ones close by were! Soooo exciting! Enjoy the view.

Next up my favorite Bloggin' Babes...I have discovered something awesome. We all have those days when we can't stand to take the children out. You know their Sooo when we need an outlet. Right? We have our coffee, our diet coke...mmmmm a little Starbucks and what is left? Our! That's right babies we can do and get a semi-fix. :) If you go through Amazon you can even put Target things on your Wish Lists!

Yes...I'm a freak! LOL! I love you guys, though and just wanted to pass on my pearls of wisdom to you all!


Cat said...

YOU FREAK!!! lol

awesome view, **sigh** memories of my cruise, I wanna go. LOL

Take care!

Marie said...

I've never been on a cruise but it sounds like a wonderful vacation. And to be on a cruise on the first day of the new awesome!

You are so funny in regard to your Target obsession. ;) LOL

Have a good weekend!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Thanks my fellow freaks..Lol

I'm feeling pretty good and starving myself until the big day. We're talking no carbs! LOL...I just want to look good in the suit in the middle of winter, if you know what I mean.

Liza said...

You lucky duck FREAK you :D hehe!! you'll have a great time and i'd be jealous if I liked being on boats lol!! but it's cool you get to get away. I'm getting away for christmas too! not on a fancy cruise, not even leaving michigan, but getting away is still getting away lol!!! have a great weekend christie!

Mama Duck said...

I wanna go on vacation.

With a beach.

And blue water.

And sun.

And no snow.

ThoughtsGalore said...

MD...Come along and soak in the sun, drink some umbrella drinks and a little jack and coke, while the little ones play in camp carnival all day..:)

It is a good thought though. We all need a little getaway.

Do you have snow yet? Ugh.

[Mat] said...

What a nice view!

it sure does look awesome... ;)

Cheers to you

Jewl said...

*sigh* Take some pictures and rub it in our faces when you come back...LOL
Looks great chicky, I am so jealous!! Tell me, what are we going to do without you while your gone...

LizzieDaisy said...

I'd say I want a vacation but I don't want the pressure of that stupid bathing suit. Wah. So you go off and enjoy and bring me back pictures and share them, and I'll be good. :)

Man, I can't believe I missed this post yesterday. How'd that happen? So weird...

LizzieDaisy said...

ps I haven't done a Target wishlist this year cause it's all on my Amazon wishlist. But that's just silly. You can't look an Amazon wishlist up at Target! Guess I have work to do eh? Hee.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Let's just say the only sucky thing about the vacation is the pressure of the bathing suit.

Screw it, though...I will do it.

Mama Duck said...

Now, now...we don't say that "s" word in my house...and yes, there was a bit of frozen precipitation around my way earlier this week. Grrrrr....