Friday, October 14, 2005

SPF...Favorite pictures! I chose the kids and strayed topic.

Here's another Addition of Kristine's SPF!
Here are some of my favorite pictures right now!
*One with Kelsey today for picture day! She looks so cute and soooo not!
*One with Kelsey at 5 in the Snow! I love this picture! It's one of my favorite pictures.
*A picture taken by someone else...the taking one of himself in the rearview mirror!
*And Me...I do like my smile and the hair color is looking a little

It's all I have girlies. Now If I had one like Lizzie with some rock hard abs..I'd be posting that in a heartbeat!


Mrs. Dr. Dave said...

Your kids are really cute! I played too!

Kelly said...

That last photo could basically be an ad for something! Great photos!

[Mat] said...

Kelly! so true!

there should be a line like...

Play outside!
what are you waiting for?

She's adorable.

Liza said...

The last photo is just awesome!! great pics :)

Peanutt said...

I love that one of her in the snow! Cute!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Wow you guys!

My sucky SPF effort isn't so bad afterall. I can't believe I took such a good one without even trying. I guess it takes a cute little snow bunny. I do love that picture!

bart said...

yep, you strayed the topic full-time my dear... lovely photos, but now one of you somehow, sometime... ;-)

LizzieDaisy said...

That last picture is amazing. I have a thing for snow, but still... wow!! I'd frame that one.

Hope you had a great day Christie... wishing you cookies and wine. :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Thanks Sweetie..I love that one too. It was our first time in snow...ever!

She was they grow.

Lucky Lum said...

your pictures are terrific! what beautiful girls!! and the hair turned out great for picture day, how long did that take?
And LOVE that I can come to your site without freezing up!!
Thanks girl :)

ThoughtsGalore said...'re so welcome. You little Mac-ettes need to be taken into consideration. :)

The hair worked well. It's funny. She doesn't have curly hair, but it's wavy. Soooo wavy. Plus, "we're" letting her hair grow out. Now...Jeremy "the stylist" told her it was fine..."we" could grow them out with no problem. So, you can see the tiny barrett holding the long bangs back. LOL..Growing out bangs girlies...remember that! Just wait.


Jewl said...

I love the snow picture!! She is so sweet!

Mama Duck said...

Ahhhh, but you are missing the picture of you...where are you?!?!!??!

ThoughtsGalore said...

OK OK OK...let me put one of me in!
I said I strayed...but I sooo suck at taking pics of me. lol.
Guilt me Guilt me Guilt me. It will work every single time. :)