Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I think way too much!

Just a few things I'm thinking about today.

* Am I the only one who believes in Bliss?
* I still Dream Big Dreams...what's next?
* Will that vacation with breathing space happen anytime soon?
* I am having a really good hair day!
* Will Harriet Miers actually be the next SC Justice? Hmmmm.
* Am I really a pleaser like Dr C thinks I am?
* What am I going to do today for me?
* Can it really be that I'm not selfish enough?
* When will my boy stop constantly changing?
* I want to flatten my abs out a little...let's see if cutting the carbs will do it. It's done it before..then I slip and eat them again...and I am again. LOL. Yes..I have been working out so don't get me started. I've had 3 kids...!
* Hmmmm....I can't wait to watch Alias. Oh crap..that's on Tomorrow.
* I need another cup of coffee.
Ok...that's all....


Peanutt said...

Your list is long just like mine! Ugh, sometimes I wish I could just NOT think for even 5 minutes!

ThoughtsGalore said...'s are crazy Gemini brains. I'm convinced

[Mat] said...

-Bliss is ignorance and therefore exists.
I believe!

Woah, I wouldn't want to be in that head today.

All I can think of is : I'm sleepy.


bart said...

nice list... mine's more or less the same, but different :P

whatever bliss is, i'll believe in it if it's nice, the big dreams just get dreamed bigger by the day :D

will settle for a life with breathing space and enough sex to flatten my abs as quickly as possible ;-)

yep, and a day begun without coffee is a day... eh, begun without coffee, if you know what i mean...

ThoughtsGalore said...

The manic side of me is in gear today. Not that I'm out of whack today, but those thoughts are racing today! LOL!

It's better than the opposite.

B...Bliss is nice to dream about...and my breathing space is overlooking the ocean or on a deck somewhere looking at miles of beauty...

Jewl said...


ThoughtsGalore said...

Jewel...I'm with you. Do you have any?

[Mat] said...

Today : coffee, my muscles hurt everywhere.

Julianna said...

Just wanted to drop in and say "hey".

Too funny that you actually used the "y" word the other day.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

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