Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Finally!!!!! And Wooo Hoooooo!

Hi Friends. The decision has been made by me..and we're going on the big Conquest! It's a huge amazing looking ship. It's so exciting!

Now you'll all get to listen to me go on and on about this...but it's ok! At least I won't be complaining. I even got amazing balcony rooms!!!!! So, yes...the mini diet is on.

I just want to lose a few pounds..lol, but don't I always. :) Besides this, I've got nothing. You'd think I was working on my Thesis with all the research I've been doing. LOL! I'm such a geek.

Now, I'm off to get the heating pad, because my tummy has cramps from hell. Give a little...get a little, I know.

Love you guys...my sweet friends ( i do and you really are..)


Dottie said...

The ship loves amazing! I am so jealous! :) I can't wait to book our trip!
Feel better! The cramps really are the pits!

Jewl said...

Poor Tummy, Feel better!! :)

That ship looks and sounds so awesome! We never even had a honeymoon so I am way jealous! The ONLY trips we take are to see the fam. I would love to go someplace, do something like that! Fill us in with details chicky!!
Congrats, so happy for you!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Thanks you guys. This is a great vacation to do with kids. Tons and tons of things to do, plus lots of fun for us! :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

DOTTIE!!!!! I love your site! Love it! Ok...so where is your blog now? I can't find you!


Dottie said...

Christie, awww thanks! I am looking to add new stuff if you all have any suggestions and it is still a work in progress. Wonder what's up with the blog....I'll have to check it out! Thanks :)

Liza said...

Oh man that looks awesome Christie!! You are gonna have such an AWESOME time!!!

[Mat] said...

Hey! Good for you.

I hope it turns out just as you're probably already planning it in your mind.

It really look like lots of fun :)


LizzieDaisy said...

Looks awesome.

Hey, just wanted to remind you that the author of "A Million Little Pieces" is on Oprah today. Watch so we can gab k? Well, if you have time. :)

Wethyb said...

OMG....how cool is that?! You're going to have sooo much fun! I went on one for spring break 6 yrs ago and had the time of my life....but it wasn't Carnival! Yay, I'm excited for you :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Lizzie..I already have the tivo set to record O. We need to totally talk about it. You need to read his next book about Leonard! DOn't you feel like you want to see where things went after? I didn't want it to end.

Beth...It will be so nice to just have a great facation. How's the little Rocker Girl...:)? LOL..you're so cute.

Laina said...

LOL, you'd better do the mini-diet pre-cruise. My mom went on a cruise last year and all she could talk about when she got home was how amazing the food was! So make room and enjoy!

Peanutt said...

Woo hoo! Nothin' says lovin' like a cruise ship!! Ahhhh, margaritas and sunshine on the Ledo (sp?) deck please!!! Say hi to Julie for me!!! And please, please stay away from the midget when you get to Fantasy Island!
I'm sure you'll have a great time!!! How cool it is for you!!!! =0)

Mama Duck said...

Why does Blogger hate me? You're like the third site I've been to where I KNOW I commented a few days ago and now it's gone.

What I had said was if you do go to Grand Cayaman do the Sting Ray City trip and feed, hold and kiss the rays. It's totally awesome!

ThoughtsGalore said...

We're soooo going to G Cayman. I can't wait! They show the stingray trip as one of the really good ones! Sooooo now that I hear it from you, we're so doing it.

Hey..we fly into houston and go to Port of Galveston to leave, because New Orleans is no longer.

I have missed my favorite Duck!

Lucky Lum said...

looks fabulous!!