Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy 5:30 AM All You Happy Mommies!!!!

This is a secret we "seasoned" mommies have been keeping from you. That or we're all to busy losing our minds from being so seasoned to remember.

Today is the MORNING AFTER!!!! You know the morning after the fall back. LOL. AAAAHHHHH Yes! We are all up early early with our darling babies. Why? That's right..their bodies aren't wired for the concept of "Sleeping In."

So, just join me in my coffee after getting food for the children of course and putting the dogs out for a quick potty before you freeze. Then, Snuggle up to your computers, read a few blogs, and think about this....It's going to be another month or so until they figure out that they need to stay in bed another hour. :)

For those Book Bloggin'Babes out there...Lizzie and I thought up a Book Blog. She is quite the little Blog Queen. I just thought I am a book whore and why not share. I am telling you that there's nothing better than reading a good good book! If you're not a reader, then maybe we can give you some good easy reads to get you going. So visit us and join the Bloggin' Babes. I expect our Founding Members of Bloggers Anonymous to soooo be there! LOL!

Finally....MAMA DUCK! She had 62 posts last time I looked! Hi-5 Babe! If you haven't visited her, which I can't even imagine,then waddle right on over and visit. She's real, a mommy, hilarious, and quite the Hottie! She is one of the founding members of OBA! Well I love her and she's one of my first 3 of the morning to check. Enough Gushing..!

Ok Sweeties...


Jewl said...

I thought I was ahead of the game putting Em to bed an hour later last night... not so my friend, she woke up what would have been her normal time!!UGH! It's going to be a long day!!
Going to go check the Book Blog now!! Later

Cat said...

I totally forgot to set my clocks back!! I thought it was late. LOL

till hubby called and I looked at the time on my laptop. wow it was too freakin early! LOL

Just checked out the book bloggin babes... I used to read alot, haven't sat down long enough to read anything...especially with blogging LOL

I will get back to reading soon.
take care!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Jewl my sweetie...welcome to "OUR" world!

Cat...You don't have little ones up at the crack of dawn anymore! You should sooo be snuggled back into bed. :)

Go look at link girlies!

Choppzs said...

Man, oh Man, can you believe that I was ok with the whole Zach waking up at 530 or 6 am thing since hubby gets up for work anyways, but then come Sunday Morning, bam, 4 30 am I am awoken by "WAHHHHHH" coming from the terds room. I dragged my sorry ass out of bed, grab him, take him back into my bedroom (which never, ever happens, since I can't stand to have little ones in bed with me!! lol) and threw him next to daddy!! I figured, if he was to stay awake, at least daddy wouldn't be able to sleep either!! hehehehe So needless to say, by 6 am, we were all up eating breakfast starting the day out at the crack of dawn. Man, time change sucks! I liked Hawaii, when we didn't have to do it for 4 yrs!!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

It is so funny that we when we were younger it was ....aaaah another hour of sleep! Now it's way they're going to be up an hour early!

They soooo need to get with the program.

[Mat] said...

gonna look that blog up.

and ask to join in.


Waking up seems horrible. I don't want that :)

Dottie said...

All four of mine were up at 5:30, including the dog! LOL Luckily after the older three were off to school Lilli, Sophie (boxer baby) and I were able to snuggle down for another couple hours of sleep! I'm off to check the new blog, I read everything I can get my hands on! LOL Did you get my e-mail?

Wethyb said...

Yah we're trying to get the peanut back in track too. I hate DST! Why can't they just leave it the same time all year??


Lucky Lum said...

just thought I'd share... I went and bought A Million Little Pieces today!
I love to read too!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
» » »

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »