Monday, October 03, 2005

My Addiction!

Now I wrote a whole post and the damn thing didn't post! UGH! We all have been there and done that. I basically told everyone that I was a book whore. I love them...I buy them...and Costco is where I get my fix.

I'm so excited Jennifer Weiner came out with the Goonight Nobody! LOVE HER!Just finished the Million Pieces on Friday. It's a must read. The other two were my reads last week. Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorites.

Just thought I'd throw in some pictures of the cuties.
Please note how all the mommies drop the children off to the bus. Once I drop off the 1st grader at school, then it's a quick stop to the bus for my middle school girl. That backpack weighs about 40 pounds!!!!

That cookie is one of the infamous Chocolate Chips that I made the other day. My girly stayed home on Thursday because her eyes were still out of whack from being dilated. She may be in her jammies, dropping her sister at the bus...but I'm sure that cookie made her feel sooooooo much better.

Then we have Sammy and his crystal light red mustache. Yep...I don't give them sugary drinks...but it has some kind of crap to give him a well placed mustache.

This is all I have. I'm not going to sip some coffee...east a Costco apple muffin...and watch Desperate Housewives that I tivo'd last night.


Peanutt said...

What a bunch of cuties! And I still want some of those delicious cookies!!!! I'm surprised they lasted this long in the house! Mine would have been gone in a day! I have two cookie monsters, plus one (me) that would have just devoured them till we were sick!
Have a great day!

LizzieDaisy said...

I can't keep a batch of cookies longer than a day. My kids would be fine, but not me. :)

Your kids are so cute!! I don't think I've seen pictures of them before so thanks for sharing.

Oh yeah, the book. Well, I couldn't find it at the two baby books stores I went to, so I bought an Anita Shreve book and finished it instead. Will have to go looking at a normal store today. Sigh. Hate big stores. I'm so weird. I am glad to know it will be worth my major buckaroos though. :)

WILLIAM said...

My wife and I just saw "In her Shoes". Good movie. I never read the book by Jennifer weiner but my wife did and she said the movie was good.

Lucky Lum said...

I likes the Desperate Hpusewives too! I also started watching the show Grey's Anatomy afterward and now I'm hooked!
Cute pics of the kids!! I like the cookie one the best.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Blogger Babes...Please....I made those cookies on Wednesday night. Those pictures were from Thursday morning! They were finished by Thursday night!!!

P..I'm sure we ate too many! is in paperback. Totally worth it.

William..I wanted to go see it, but I'm afraid they didn't get it. All I see in the ads are Cameron Diaz and she wasn't even the main character!

LL...LOVE Grey's Anatomy!

Jewl said...

Ummm, okay, so tell me, what do you think is in the basement? Her husband?
The kiddos look so cute! Never read those authors, might have to check them out.
I had my chocolate fix too, I made some yummy browies...

ThoughtsGalore said...

I think it's Bree's hubby or The housewife who is the narrator! Hmmmm what do you think? It's the whole flower thing.

They have to bring back the "dead" housewife somehow!

Mama Duck said...

Bwahahahahahaha...I stopped reading after I saw the author's last name...WEINER....

Wethyb said...

They are all so cute. Good Lord...could her backpack be any heavier???? Damn!

Is her last name Weiner as in hotdog??? LOL. Sorry had to throw that in :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Ok MD...We were at Costco and Ava was asking who the Author and Illustrator were. They do that in first grade. I whispered Weeener. LOL. She said...A weener like a penis!

COme on if you're going to write bestsellers lets have a last name that's not after a genital! lol.

B...There's something wrong with making the kids bring every single book they own home every night for homework! It's totally different from when we were in school.

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