Wednesday, October 12, 2005

John Mayer ...YUMMY!

John Mayer is so sexy! Yesterday on Lizzie's TMI quiz she asked who would be our Freebie (the one fantasy sex guy.) Well, I chose Hugh Grant. I'm nixing that!

MY Freebie is JOHN MAYER ! I want him naked singing this to me! Ok...yummmmy! That's right a mommy of three and my fantasy man is John Mayer. If only. A girl must dream. LOL.

There you go. Totally TMI and Immature, but screw it! Look at him.

Damn Baby You Frustrate Me....

I have Diet Coke and I'm no longer Bitchy Christie. :)
Mama D...I so wish I had some hot HomeComing Picture! I don't! SO our favorite MILF, I had Stacy's Mom in my little video box just for you! wasn't working. At least you know we all think you are the hottie MILF...! Those stupid homecoming people!


[Mat] said...

Hey, at least, he's cute!

I won't feel too bad that you chose him instead. :)

Homecoming? have to check another blog, I guess.


ThoughtsGalore said...

You sooo do...

She is Queen of the Way Back Pictures! She never dissapoints. She's our very own Milf-y MD. :)

Laugh MD...You soooo know you love it!

I'm going to live vicariously through your MILF-INESS. LOL

bart said...

hihi... come on, the nicest girls are totally TMI and immature at times... who wants to grow up right away :P

Pieces of Me said...

Hey crack me up!! TTYL

Kelly said...

John Mayer who?

I played... queen and mum free!

Liza said...

I love John Mayer!! He's so sexy, his voice, his looks, yummmm

Peanutt said...

Hugh Grant, Yum. He has really grown on me in the last year or so. Just something about him, I don't care if he did buy prostitutes! (or whatever it was that he did!)
Have a good night sweetie.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Peanutt..there is something about hugh..isn't there. He is the older doable one...and John baby is the younger one. LOL.

Night Flier said...

Oh yeah he is a hottie...John Mayer can "Discover me discovering him" anytime! Great tune!