Thursday, October 27, 2005

Get this book and then Pass it on!

This was a profound read. The author, James Frey, his story...and how something clicked inside of me.

Some things that I know for sure...
Hold On...Hold On ....Hold On. Whatever you're going through, it will get better.

"Fear Of...." will change us. Facing the fear, working through it...I need to figure that out.

Many more things...but those two are profoundly relevent.

Edited: When I was watching Oprah yesterday some of her staffers mentioned how she always carried a copy of The Color Purple with her. She handed it out to everyone she knew, because it was that good..and changed her. Her staffers now found they did that with this book. Funny..I find I'm doing that with this book. It's about addiction. The author was an alcoholic, drug addict...and filled with rage. You don't have to be an alcoholic to find something for yourself in the book. Yes...It's that powerful.


Liza said...

It sounds interesting! I am looking for books to read, so I may just have to check this out!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

This one is great.

For fluff...of the Jennifer Weiner books. Good in Bed, In Her Shoes.

We need a book blog.

[Mat] said...

That has to be the ... 4th mention of that book that I get. I really sounds interesting.

Have to look it up!

[Mat] said...

ho, good idea on the book blog

Damn, why didn't I write this in the first comment... damn word verif

ryzyqei! I hate spam!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Mat...Ditto on the word verification! I have SYIAYWC! I always screw up the V and U on the damn thing. LOL.

We sooo need a book blog! I think I might do one myself.
..LOL or Lizzie girl could just add her hundreth blog to stash. :)

Peanutt said...

A book blog would be great! I need to get back into reading. Used to do it all the time. I even have two books at home that are up on the shelf next to my bed waiting for me to read, but I haven't yet!!!
I loved the movie the Color Purple. Haven't read the book, but I'm sure its just as good, if not better than the movie!

Marie said...

I heard that this was a very powerful book. I will definitely pick up a copy. By the way, a book blog is a very cool idea. :)

Liza said...

LMFAO I thought you wrote we need a book BAG and I was like, so go get!! Yes, a book blog would be great!!

LizzieDaisy said...

Are you crackin on me? :) You know, I could have one up this afternoon if you wanted. Hee. If someone makes one though, we need to make it one everyone can join and type on. I did that once with some friends from a board... it was awesome. Everyone posted and everyone posted comments. You know, that way people could post their books and what they thought of them, and everyone else could add to the discussion of that particular book.

Not that you got me thinking... hee. I already loaned out my copy. I will be doing the same until I make everyone I know read it!

And if you really want a book blog, I'd be happy to do it if noone else wants to. I have a few that I never post to anyhoo. :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Wooohoo! Lizzie is hired!

I was crackin on you sweetie. However in the most loving of way...:)

That would be so awesome, though. I don't know how to do it so we could all post.

Liza said...

I think there is something in your dashboard where you can add people to your blog, I dunno though!

Jewl said...

Hmmm, not so sure if that book is something I could get into. I saw it on Oprah and I have read a couple of her book club books but I am not so sure I would actually read this even if I bought it. I more the historical romance kind of gal... not so much the smutness of it but I really like the historical part. (Really, I do) :) I DO like other kinds of books though, Mystery being the main one.
I love the idea of the Book Blog though, You should get different people on it to flavor it up!!

Anonymous said...

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