Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Price of Shopping....

Wow..I had a mini girls night out! One of my girlfriend's and I went for a little glass of wine, followed by an appetizer, mmmmmmm another glass of wine, and then we said...oh dessert....why not! Then came a yummy coffee. Yummmy Yummy. That, my blogging babes, is just what this babe needed.

I'm sipping my morning coffee, catching up on my tivo'd GH from yesterday, and listening to my children fight. I don't care though. I'm just tuning them out. They've got on their Halloween, because you know they couldn't wait. So, little Spiderman and Miss Cheerleader can go at it for as long as they need it. (i think the voices are yelling over stickers right now, but it's tame.)

LOL...And life goes on. Oh..and the hubby had yesterday off from work. So he took me out and bought me a "Winter Wardrobe!" So,here's the conversation that took place after.

Candy Man... WOw...I'm such a good husband.

Me...You are. Thank you hunny.

CM...I even stayed quiet when you went back and forth and tried on 20 different pairs of jeans. (yes i did)

Me...Thanks hunny.

CM...Then we had to match the tops...find a "Sweater Coat" which there really isn't such a thing. It's a sweater or a coat. (he's a man)

Me...But least we didn't have to look for shoes.

CM....Shit you still need shoes?! I guess you can't wear flip flops and your Steve Maddens (yes he knows my SMs) during the winter.

Me...Just give me the money and i'll go without you. (i say and smile)

CM...I'm soooo getting some Pussy tonight!

Welcome to my world hunnies. :)



Cat said...

ROFLMAO I love you hubby, at least he is humorous about it! LOL

sounds like you had a Great night out! sounds just up my alley also. so when we going? ;)

Take care Girl

Mama Duck said...

I'm beginning to think that you might actually be my SIL Sarah disguised as a girl named Christie b/c that sounds like something that Sugar Daddy or a relative would say.

Go get you some hot shoes, woman! ;)

Dottie said...

LOL! Your DH cracks me up and you handle him so well! Way to go girl!

Your night out with the girl's sounds awesome! I am long overdue for one of those!

LizzieDaisy said...

Wow. I am so marrying your hub after you're done with him!

ThoughtsGalore said...

He is a very yummy hubby. LOL!

Choppzs said...

That is so damn funny!! He sounds allot like my husband at times!! Yesterday everytime I went to bend over he was there behind me!! lol And then as we were unloading the groceries he says "Can I put the kid in his playpen, and then I'll shut the garage doors and we can have a quickie??" The garage??? lol I know probably TMI??? but funny!

Liza said...

LMFAO!! You and the hubby are too much!!

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Fej said...

Shopping... it still gives me the shivers.

I'm glad it went well for you though!

[Mat] said...

He is such a good hubby.


Don't you like him?

Lucky Lum said...

And I love hottie dr. on GH! mmmmm, I'd like some of him for dessert!!!

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