Monday, October 17, 2005

Sewing 101...

Edited update...
Yes, I just reread this post! I'm f-ing boring. Like anyone cares about my sewing machine problems. Second...I sound way too domestic for my own good. Finally, I thought..WTF so much happened this weekend that there has to be some sort of story.

So, Riddle me this. Why is that this anti gun mommy will not let the boy have guns, but I don't have a problem with light sabers. HMMMMMMMM! I'm a walking Contradiction, but oh well. Hmmmm I feel like I have PMS.

The old saying..."You just need a basic machine if you're learning to sew."

Bloggies, I'm here to tell you that is crap! My sexy, wonderful, used constatly embroidery machine....needs to go and be fixed. Ugh! The computer part that you program the stiches into is having horrible issues. UGH! I guess that's what happens when you put sewing and embroidery with a computer together. You know there are bound to be technical issues. I'm just not too confident that the old sewing man has enough computer skill to figure out my machine. (Yes...I'm sick just thinking about it.) let's move on. I am working on a slipcover for a bookcase. Sounds freaky..but trust me it's going to be soooooo cute! Plus, I don't need to get new cases. Plus plus, you'll still be able to see the books if I roll up the front and and tie with a little bow. Sooooo cute. I saw it on DIY. Here's the problem. I have to use my non sexy, still handy, yet...pain in the ass sewing machine.

Here's the thing. This was what I used before my sexy baby. It's like going from luxury to economy in the matter of a stich. How could I have learned on a machine like this. Threading the bobbin is a pain in the ass. You need to be much pickier with thread...and's just not easy. Ok...I'm done.

So, here's my tip for you. If you ever want to learn to sew (which I totally recommend to anyone) then learn with a decent machine. You don't need anything high end...but go for medium end. My Brother, isn't crap, but I soooo can't believe how I learned on something that can be so tempermental!

Yes Yes...enough of my complaining.
Now, Back to my slipcover!


[Mat] said...

I like a little introspection now and then but I have to say that you're a bit self conscious.

I'll also say : there's a proverb in french that says something like there are no small tasks, only small persons.

Anyone who judges you by what you do ought to have his )(*"(/_*&%(*&"/(_*&(*&/("*&%(*

Good day!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Oh Mat...thank you. Hmmm...thanks for telling me I'm a bit self conscious...(which makes me I?)

LOL. Hunny, I'm a woman! WE are a little different.

Hope you're feeling better...

Lucky Lum said...

well shit, now you tell me!
I just got a sewing machine for my bday and it is a cheepy (the brother one). Oh well, I honestly don't sew enough to warrant a more expensive one. Maybe one day...

Peanutt said...

You will show us pictures, right?

Mama Duck said...

My mother had a Husquevara...or something like shook in fear when I used to enter the room.

My cute little Kenmore likes me and does me right.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Yes..I'll have show pictures. My frustrations have subsided. The bobbin is back under control..and I'm sewing away.

LL..You're going to be fine! Mine is a brother and does work really well. I just haven't used it in a while. I was just bitching to bitch. LOL.

Once I got going and the coffe kicked in today...I was in domestic bliss.

Jewl said...

Oh My, sounds way to complicated! I do not have enough talent to take on such a project, let us know how everything turns out!

LizzieDaisy said...

My mom gave me a sewing machine for my wedding. I took a class cause I didn't know how to turn it on. I made a dress but didn't finish the last sleeve in time so I never wore it. Now I've forgotten how to use the machine cause not once did I use it outside of class... bahaha.

My hub sews... good enough for me!!

Liza said...

I just noticed this entry (I'm slow) and I have to say, you aren't boring if you blog about sewing! I learned to sew when I was young and have made some things in my past and actually would love to have a sewing machine now. Don't be ashamed if you think that blogging about stuff like this is boring or whatever, there's people out there like me that like to read about the little things in life. :)