Monday, October 10, 2005

Pictures and More Pictures!

When all else fails...just post some pictures.

I don't think I had enough coffee today. That, or I went to bed waaaaay too late. Hmmm. Maybe both. I just had the parent teacher conference for A. It was so great. It's amazing that she's reading so much in first grade.

Ok sooo they're alllll home today. I'm off to cook lunch and do some Domestic Goddess action.

S was looking especially cute for Picture Day!

Oooooh I can See....(He had his hair trimmed around his eyes)

She was cheering at the Vandy game!

My Girly Girl watching the Game


rf said...

pretty gay

Liza said...

Wtf is up with rf...

I think your kids are so adorable! Your son's smile is like one of those contagious smiles, you see it and can't help but smile too :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

no kidding..RF hasn't a clue.

Aaaaahhh my boy. He smile like when he's sooooo not listening to me. :)

bart said...

hey, i bet they resemble their mother in all sorts of ways ;-)
lovely smiles and well photographed b.t.w.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Thank you, my friend...they are like me in so many ways. Sometimes it's funny to hear the words that come from their lips. I hear my voice from them, like I hear my mom from me. (Does that make sense?)

Just got them to bed Woooo Hooooo!

Mama Duck said...

Sweet kids! It makes me wonder what my girls will be like when they're 3...5...10...etc.


Really. Don't. Need. Another. One.

Choppzs said...

Gosh they all look like you!! Of course I haven't seen Hubby, so I can't really compare. But from the pics, they all look like Mommy!!

Great pics, the kids are real cuties!

Have a great week!

Fej said...

Cute kids of course and your dog is too. But isn't getting them groomed a pain in the butt?

And the dog too...

LizzieDaisy said...

fej... LOL! I hate mornings, which is what it is here right now. I feel like I spend half of them yelling. Ugh. It was so much more peaceful before they went to school...

Cute kiddos. They have your smile! And thanks tons for doing the guestmap thing. I was so excited. Hee.

Cat said...

What addorable kids you got there honey! Good Job!

I miss you! just not blogging much.
take care!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Choppz hunny..they have my strong Irish I'm equal amounts Irish as I am Italian, but the Irish ones are some strong ones!

Fej...a baby Shih Tzu is much easier than another child!

Guys he's soooo easy!

MD..Thanks and just wait! They're getting there. I can't believe Sammy Boy is going to K next year!!!!

Lizzie..I feel like I do more before 10 AM then most people do all day. You know how it is making sure you have the right bow in your hair (Ava) and telling your preteen that blue nailpolish might not be the greatest color to wear to school. LOL.

Cat hunny! I miss you too! It's just nice to get a little post from you!

Peanutt said...

The do all look like you! Especially the girly girl!
cute, cute puppy!

Jewl said...

Awwww, they are all so cute! You are such a lucky Mommy!