Wednesday, February 15, 2006

V-Day Hangover

Sign me up for a trip to the spa right now. I'm exhausted and need some serious pampering. My brain seems fried. My body is spent and I could totally just curl up on the couch and sleep for hours. (soooooo not possible.)

Maybe it's the V-day hangover. It's not like it was filled everything Vday like. It was a quiet night spent with the kids. I made microwave popcorn for me and quesadillas for the kids. How about that?

Here are a few things I'm wondering today:
  • How is it that I gave birth to a son who LOVES Star Wars???!!! If given the chance to watch Star Trek...I bet he'd become a TREKKIE! I promise that will never happen!
  • Does laundry ever end? I was my daughter's age when I did it all. Hmmmm. She does try, but the folding part just requires the mommy's touch.
  • How come my coffee just seems to get soooo cold so fast? Hmmmm.
  • Why am I needing TLC so badly these days?
  • Boys really are so much easier than girls.
  • I'm having serious PMS, right about now.

That's it for now guys....I really am quite boring today.




Darlene said...

I'm quite boring today as well. And yes, why does cofee get cold so fast? You know it doesn't taste good when it is re-heated! I guess we need to chug faster...

Wethyb said...

A spa trip does sound inviting, doesn't it?

I need loads of TLC these days too. Hugs to you!

Lucky Lum said...

Laundry NEVER ends!
And neither do the dishes.

I would love a day at the spa too, but I'm settling for a pedi tomorrow night!

ThoughtsGalore said...

I need something! At this point it doesn't really matter what. :)

[Mat] said...

Star trek - good
Star Wars - good.

Hell.. good. I need one too. Can I have an invite? My back is hurting like it's wanting me to notice it's existence.

*taking note*

Did you try the black beer - apple cider mix? Works everytime. :)

bart said...

boring?... no way, sunshine ;-)
you're just out of sorts...
yep... pamper yourself, we all need that once in a while...

keep well...

LizzieDaisy said...

Just when I am seriously contemplating a rant about how my chai is ALWAYS burning fucking (yes I said it) hot at the store, you post yours is cold. My tongue is fuzzy and I won't get to enjoy anything for days now. @#*$&(@#*$

Yes, that is my day today. I try to get some peace and quiet and chai and book reading, and I get fuzzy tongue.


LizzieDaisy said...

wanna trade? :)

LizzieDaisy said...

Oh, and I got that something you need last night from my hub. I'll give you a clue. It's pink and wiggly and vibrates and has bunny ears. LOL. Someone was listening a few months ago when I told him about this one post I read about...


and no I'm not posting that on my own site :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Mat you have my personal invitation and no..haven't tried the concotion. I do remember you mentioning it, though.

Bart...I am a little out of sorts and yes need some serious pampering.

Lizzie! You are soooo naughty!
I love it! Let's note the date. YOu said fucking!!!!! Ok so i'll have the smut blog. No worries babe. :)

Cat said...

Think the theme today is boring. I know I had nothing to blog today.

I am halfway through my TLC, got hair did today, having mani & Pedi tomorrow! cuz hubby will be home tomorrow night! woohoo! oh no, your pmsing? hmm that means I should be too! DANG IT ALL TO HELL!

Take care girl,

[Mat] said...

Lizzie is naughty!!


Thanks for the invite. how long of a drive is it, from Quebec? :) I'm coming tonight.

ThoughtsGalore said... funny we PMS together. We should take a poll of everyone. LOL.

Ok maybe not, but I'd be curious about what all this blogging has done for us all.

soccermomma said...

A spa trip sounds DIVINE! My mom did the math for the daily laundry amt here at my house with 6 people once, it was staggering!
By the way...I've moved from "Daily Dose of Dottie". I've had to password protect so I sent you the info to your Yahoo addy.

Feel better!

dakotablueeyes said...

Okay when you find an end to the laundry clue me in lol. I'll meet ya at the spa lol.