Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mmmmm I make a good cup of coffee....

Happy Saturday! It's Snowing!!!!

Now, I realize this isn't a huge deal for most of my friends, but you guys....I'm from So Cal and this is Tennessee! I'm watching the flakes fall from the grey sky as I type. I have this beautiful picture window and I'm sipping coffee, CNN on, and snow falling. Really pretty.

Let me recap my day, so far (and yes it's only 7:26AM.)
  1. I woke up at 4:15 to the alarm that was set! WTF? The hubby was gone all week and it didn't go off once. Hmmmm did he decide it was time to set the alarm for 4:15?! Really, at a loss.
  2. Upon waking up to that shrill alarm, I realized he wasn't in bed with me. Hmmm, again. Instead, I had both children and the dogs on my bed. So, I moved the boy to the sleeping bag on the side of the bed (yes sleeping bag , because I have one in there every single night...ugh.) Ava decided she help push him off with her legs. Even in their sleep, they're still competitive.
  3. Next, I realize the alarm is going off again. I get out of bed and try to figure out the damn thing.
  4. I'm up. LOL. You know how that happens.
  5. Mocha and I venture downstairs to check out the snow.
  6. Finally, I go back upstairs and surprise surpise...Ava girl is up! LOL.
  7. Yes...then we play Simon Says in bed.
  8. Hello Saturday...and it was time to take the doggies outside.
  9. I'm smiling, sipping coffee...and happy I'm a morning girl.
  10. "Mommy Mommy...can we have popcorn for breakfast?! Please Please Please."

Welcome to my world. I do love it, though. Back to my coffee now...




The Kept Woman said...

I'm all for popcorn for breakfast. Popcorn is one of those universal feel-good foods.

Wethyb said...

I wish my hubby was a morning person. I'd be more if I didn't HAVE to get up for work every morning. Damn blasted work anyway :)

Happy Saturday! Sounds like it's gotten off to a wonderful start!

dakotablueeyes said...

lol I would have thrown the clock out the window lol. I always have a kid and dog in my room too. I can't wait til they start staying in their beds all night. I would sleep so much better without a little food shoved up my arse.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Happy Saturday Ladies. LOL...

Popcorn is the universal feel good food. Oh and after that, my endless pit of a boy, chowed down on some eggos. Crap upon

Cat said...

We are looking at the same snow today! I love it too. It is the next day when it melts that I Hate.

Have a Happy Saturday

Lucky Lum said...

I HATE waking up early.
I am so not a morning person, but unfortunately my kids seem to be.
Take pictures of the snow for us!

Jewl said...

Popcorn is corn which is good for you, is it not? That's my take on it anyway...

Anonymous said...

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