Thursday, February 09, 2006

If that's fat...sign me up! (kidding..)

Clothese for the LARGER WOMAN?!!!!

Have you all seen the pretty woman on the side bar or in the banner adds in the really pretty aqua colored bra? Ok...well, she is gorgeous. She looks hot in the bra, gorgeous face, and looks wonderful (to me. ) Well then I read that she's a PLUS SIZE model. WTF? Plus Size? She can't be more than a size 8. She's probably 5'10" and she gorgeous.

I hit the side bar and went to see how "BIG" the big girls really are these days. I was horrified. These women are like size 6 and 8's. How the hell is that big? Ok..there are a few 10's or 12's, but that is no fucking way big!

It's all an illusion. If the size 0's and 2's need airbrushing...well then I guess a size 6 or 8 would be considered BIG. It's just a bunch of crap. Sorry! I'm just at a loss for words. (unusual..i know.)

Check out these pictures...and tell me if you agree.

On another note...American Idol or Grammy's? I did both thank to TIVO!!!!!! I love U2 and I'm glad Kelly Clarkson is no longer a guilty pleasure. :)


Cat said...

Hmmm well guess you better add me to the big girl list then. ugh

I think those woman look Gorgeous!(sp)

I did American Idol, but not the Grammys. I would of like too, but was feeling icky.

ThoughtsGalore said...

They are gorgeous!

I hope you're feeling better.

Laina said...

I don't get it either. BTW, as for that ass from yesterday, you can't want that, because there is NO ASS THERE!! Seriously, I don't know what was keeping the panties on that skinny thing. Repeat after me "I like having an ass". Now repeat as needed until you believe it.

Michael said...

Personally, I find that when a woman gets so thin that you can count her ribs, it's really gross.

I find all the women you link to be gorgeous and healthy looking.

Mandy said...

Found your blog by way of the beach...I'm going to start reading! If those ladies are large...I wonder what I'm considered!

supplymadam said...

Linked you from the Beach too. I had to see what your were talking about Valentine's Day. And we wonder why girls have eating disorders. We should be proud to be a size 0. A NOTHING? That's what it has come to. Size 0 is the new size 6. What the hey is wrong with size 12? Is that the new size 2x?

Wethyb said...

I missed both shows...dammit! And I do love Kelly Clarkson! Go Kelly!

I must be a big girl too then. Geesh...and I thought I was doing good!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Laina...I love my ass! I love my Ass! Ok...I believe it. :)'s nice to have a guy say that rib counting is gross.'s such a bunch of crap isn't it? Glad you popped by.

Supply M...I think the women are hot, too. Yestday's -0 VS girls are just that 17 year old girlies. Ok, so in my dream bod I'd love a tiny little ass, but I guess that is what being in your 20s and before kids is for. :)

Choppzs said...

Uh yeah, I guess you can also add me to list of big girls. Actually, I guess I would probably be considered "morbidly obese" lol
It's so sad when you see these nice looking woman, and they are all catagorized as plus size just because they aren't a size 0-2. It's rediculous. What about men? lol do they have a size thing going on with them? Like if your ass crack hangs out of your jeans are you considered "plus size"? or if your gut hangs out of the bottom of your shirt, are you considered "big"? lol hmmmm, something to find out.

[Mat] said...

No way they're big.

That's big?

Heck, I like big.

I'm with Micheal. The ribs are just... yucky.

[Mat] said...

As for choppzs,
I guess reaching a 36 is the point where you make a decision in your life.

The size thing is developping for men too. I finally rereached a 34. Whew!

I'm not sure, but I guess that pressure is good sometimes. Being healthy is good. I try to stay in that "health weight range". But that's just my opinion. I'm not imposing anything on anyone. My personal beliefs. No offense meant to anyone. Just thinking out loud.

But yeah, that pressure is coming our way. Heck, make-up is coming our way. I know some guys who put it on. Damn, they sure look good. I tell ya. In a bar, they look like movie stars. I look like I don't have a chance :)
Not that I'd want one anyways :)

good day

ThoughtsGalore said...

Ok..I love healthy, excercise, and just keeping the heart healthy. At this point in the 30s I do think about that.

However, my days of wanting a 0 are over. Mama Duck looks amazing and I think she got herself into a 2. She's adorable, but she's tiny. Yes're tiny. Those women in the ads are like 5'10 and size 0s and 2s. LOL...oh well. I'm 5'6" and don't remember if a 0 was ever a choice for me. :)

I still would like that ass..even if a little more meat was on there. :) Maybe a few more miles on the treadmill and a little more yoga might do it for me. LOL...aaaahhhh there's always hope.

Liza said...

oooh gosh i'm a plus size? thanks for making my day, christie :P hehe just kidding. but that is sick they shouldn't do that and make people feel bad and eveyrthing. stupid people. happy friday!

Liza said...

christie my dear, i changed blogs because my blogspot blog just keeps being a poo. sorry to be a pain but the new link is

Lucky Lum said...

Those girls are great looking and I would never call them big. Stupid media and their out-of-control weight standards!

Tammy said...

It is a sad state of affairs when a size 8 is consider "plus" size. I thought that meant you know 24+.

Those girls should be offended. But, if I guess they are getting paid well, they don't mind being called plus.

Dottie said...

Well then I'm plus size and proud of it! No wonder our young girls have such body image issues.
After my first two kids I got back to a 0/1 but felt like crap (I'm 5'7"). I'm a comfortable 4/6 (apparently PLUS size now) and feel soooo much better.

It is super hard raising a teen to feel good about herself with these standards. Morgan thought that the muscle (she's an athlete) on her thighs was "fat"....

Anonymous said...

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