Friday, February 24, 2006

Do you ever feel like a loser baby?

Holy Crap..I feel like a loser today. I have this way of stretching myself thing to everyone. It fucking sucks. (Yes..this will be profanity laden.) Why do I wonder why I feel a mess of knots in my tummy? I do it to myself. I've decided not to say yes to everyone, but I'm failing.

Yes. Yes. Yes. You'd think with the ease I have to say Yes...that I'd be easy. I'm not! lol.

Maybe if I type this it will help me say No when I need to.

Ok, one other thing. You are all amazing. I feel special when you all share feelings and thoughts with me. We've all gotten to know certain parts of one another's true feelings that we don't just share with even our closest "others." This helps.

Oh and who knew that blogging would help me find my soul sisters!



Cat said...

Girl, I am a LOSER every single day!

You are sooo Not a loser!

love ya!

Darlene said...

You are not a loser..but I get this..I sooo get this. Every day we are getting more the time you move here, we'll be morphed into one person. LOL

I know it's a hard thing to do, saying NO, but you'll get it. Be sure to say yes to yourself more often..that seems to help me. Plus YOU are worth it.


Michelle said...

I can totally relate to the whole "Yes" factor. I find myself being way to free with the word all too often. I wonder why I feel like I am about to snap all the time...well let me tell ya. I can't say NO, especially to family or my close friends. They ALL know this, and use it to their advantage all the time. So today when I pick up my daughter from school I will also be picking up three other children (two to spend the night and one will be going home at 8) that is on top of the two I already have all day. My mother is also out of town and I have to let her dogs out twice a day...not too much of a problem right? Well here is the kicker, she lives about 45 minutes from my house. SO that is 3 hrs out of my day everyday driving to and from her house. Why didn't I just say NO!?! Why did she ask me instead of my brother who only lives 15 minutes away?? Because she actually wanted them to be let out...and she knew I wouldn't say NO!!
Who is the loser here????

BTW...I read your blog quite often, but don't usually make comments. Today, I had to are speaking my language!!

LizzieDaisy said...

Not a loser, but I must say... I had a strange connection myself to some song I heard on the radio today that I think is called "I'm just the girl next door." I'm totally going to have to google it. If I find it later on, I'll get you the link. You'll smile like I did. :)

Feel better! You're amazing! Sorry I missed you!!! And yeah, it was funny. LOL

LizzieDaisy said...


LizzieDaisy said...

Dang I'm good.... :)

here's the mp3

Wethyb said...

You're not a loser. Go read my blog and you'll see a big fat loser(by the way, where have you been???) :)


e said...

I love that you express your mood through music. I am the same way, but I don't have a blog for everyone to read. I have taken myself off of myspace b/c I realized how superficial it really is. I adore you, if your a loser then I am the queen of losers.

xoxo, your little sis

Anonymous said...

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