Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Humpy Day!

Here's a picture of my baby Mochs. Yes, "He's" wearing a dress and has a little pony in his hair. He can thank his sweet sister Ava for his daily dressing up time.

It's Wedensday...hump day.

I feel like it should be Friday, after that long long weekend. Yes, the hubby finally went to work today. All together...Thank God! I need some alone time.

Kids are in school, doggies are walked, and I am doing some work. Oh, and I'm watching Sammy boy play Star Wars Xbox. He wants me to play, but I haven't got a fucking clue! LOL. I try...and I guess that's all that matters.

Happy day friends. I'm going to work on building my little "Empire." ( business.)


Darlene said...

My hubby's gone until tomorrow, but he promised this was the last time he would be gone...yeah okayyy.

so my hump day will be hump-less. LOL

This week is dragging, I know what you mean. Today is especially dragging. Hell, I thought it was like noon and it is only 10:46!!

Darlene said...

oh what kind of business do you have?

was it the cookbook? That's cool!

My business is being an overtired mommy while trying to maintain my 'hotness' at the same time. It takes lots of money...LOL

ThoughtsGalore said...

I'm cracking up! does take money to maintain some "hotness!"

I thought it was like 2 and it's only noonish. LOL. Ugh...I've been up forever.

Lucky Lum said...

It's only wednesday???
I need a weekend!!

ThoughtsGalore said... need a weekend to recover from last weekend!

Cat said...

Yes, it is Hump day, and Hubby is off again. Today has sucked. I am tired, and am in no way looking HOT today.

Hope your day is good! What empire are you building girl?

Chief Slacker said...

hey now, long weekends rule. I spent almost all of mine in front of the computer. Damn i'm a nerd.

LizzieDaisy said...

I had a headache from my hub's beer... no humping. :P Actually, killer sinus thing. Still, no hump day celebration. Bummer.

How's the brochure? :)

Liza said...

love that song :)

mochs is just daah-ling :P