Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I'm tackling the issue of me. I've been told a few things over the last few months that I've pondered. This if for no one and anyone. It's me on paper. At least it's what I see.
  1. I'm 35 and very ok with it. (Yes MD...20/15)
  2. I love my kids more than life or anything else.
  3. I gave birth to a daughter that does amazing math! (if you know me you can laugh.)
  4. Loving myself has taken awhile.
  5. Pathetic is not a word I would use to describe me. So there!
  6. GH is tivo'd in my house every single day.
  7. Mistakes have been made by me.
  8. Huge mistakes have been made.
  9. I've lied more than a few times to ones I have loved.
  10. Forgiveness is magical.
  11. Living feels great.
  12. Health is something I don't take for granted...ever.
  13. I'm well versed on nephrology and my girl's kidney.
  14. Going to the doctor makes me anxious.
  15. My favorite color is pink and it just makes me smile.
  16. I love good hair.
  17. I've loved madly and deeply.
  18. I've loved horribly.
  19. I've "thought" I loved, when in reality it wasn't love at all.
  20. I love mission style furniture.
  21. John Mayer and David Gray are my favorites.
  22. San Diego really is home.
  23. I miss Arizona.
  24. Friends are to be cherished.
  25. To trust requires one to be trustworthy. (hmmmmm I've learned that.)
  26. Music is part of every day for me.
  27. I love my Ipod.
  28. Yoga soothes me.
  29. The treadmill kicks my ass and I love it.
  30. Lizzie knows more about me than people I've known a lifetime.
  31. Bart is such a kind soul with very wise words. (Most of you know him.)
  32. I love to laugh.
  33. My laughter can be mistaken for insecurity.
  34. I'm giving these days.
  35. Thank God for Dr. Calm. Such a wise wise Dr. :)
  36. Thank God for Dr. K who save my Kelsey's life on more than one occassion.
  37. I wouldn't have made it as a pregnant woman in a covered wagon. LOL..I'm too delicate!
  38. R..I still think about you and hope you are well. (I have no doubts of your success.)
  39. I believe in happiness.
  40. My life is better than I deserve.
  41. When all is said and boobies still look nice.
  42. I've had 4 digital cameras because Sammy boy has broken all of them.
  43. I'm on my 7th cell phone, because I've broken all of them. LOL.
  44. Lotions and perfumes are my thing.
  45. Smells bring me back in time.
  46. I'm a fabulous cook.
  47. My sisters think I'm Mother Christie.
  48. Ava told me I smelled like a princess today.
  49. I don't worry about my looks these days.
  50. If you're reading this...thank's for your time.
  51. Ok there has to be a 51.
  52. Kelly Clarkson is my guilty pleasure.
  53. I cherish my Bloggin' Babes.
  54. I'm sipping a class of Blackstone Merlot as I type this.
  55. Flip Flop weather can't come too soon for me!
  56. I want another baby...
  57. Melanie is having a boy!
  58. I'm going to have a nephew!
  59. Erin is going to Europe this summer.
  60. Clarity would be a good thing in the days ahead.
  61. I wear my heart on my sleeve...but not all of it.


Love and Kisses....



dakotablueeyes said...

Nice list.

Darlene said...

OMG! You are my twin! (except for GH, I watch Bold and the Beautiful instead but I WATCH it because I don't have TIVO) Oh, and we have diferent friends! Even my sister is having a boy-In like 3 weeks! LOL

BTW, my b-day is June 11th!!

Have a great day my girlie twin! You really are after my own heart! I can't wait to meet you.....

LizzieDaisy said...

Okay, give me a few David Gray favorites to download. :) It all sounds so familiar minus the cooking (which I could do well if I wanted but I am way to impatient) and I just can't get into Merlot. I am a more German wine girl... Reisling and Gewurztraminer, and a new Italian wine... Moscato d'Asti. Yummy!! And I could have more babies if they didn't grow up, make messes, and scream at my door when I'm trying to have a phone conversation. :)

Peanutt said...

LOL, I still don't see a 51!
Love the picture in the previous post! Adorable! My dog would try and eat the dress if I put one on her!

Cat said...

Girl, this list was Awesome! we are alike is some ways. but there are others we are way off! LOL

Love you girlfriend!

Lucky Lum said...

Great stuff!
Now about this wanting another baby...
you can borrow mine!!

Liza said...

ooo i love flip flops. i can't wait for spring!!

[Mat] said...

More than meets the eye indeed.


bart said...

christie... this was great and totally honest i suspect... thanks for the list :D

reality is far wierder than fiction, life is far stranger than one could ever imagine in reality...

the upshot... look after yourself, but look after those who need you even more...

keep well...

Fej said...

Well of course there has to be a 51... You're funny.

How are things? Sorry I've been away.

Anonymous said...

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