Friday, February 03, 2006


Last night was birthday dinner night for my 7 year old baby. I was lucky that I could talk her out of Chuck E Cheese's and we went to chilies. After that it was costs time.(Do you guys remember when costs was Price Club. Maybe that was just for us call Kids.) Regardless..I'm a costs junky. There just weren't any good books there last night. They used to carry SO many more. Not so helpful for the Book Whore in me. Oh and let's see...Did I mention all 3 kids were running the aisles? Ok..Just wanted to make sure you could understand the craziness that followed me.

anyhow...Bedtime was as soon as we arrived home. The food was put away...And yes I was able to breathe for a few minutes. I was tired. I wanted to sleep. After a little jack and diet coke and climbing into bed, it hit me that I was wired. Yap...Wired. Woo.

I'm working on a Cook Book type of creation. It will be something a little different...But have some fabulous recipes, stories...And see where it leads me. That being said...I have no control when the ideas hit me. So, last night..Exhausted...Needing sleep...Emotionally drained...My brain started firing. Ideas were flowing. I was up. Cookbook ideas...And life just flowed from the fingers to the screen. Ok...Maybe a manic moment, but I'd prefer to label it a "Creative Epiphany." LOL..Yeah..Wishful thinking.

Do you want a perfect Super Bowl Dip...I have it. Are you craving "The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie?" I've got you covered. Hammy..Maybe I'll start posting a recipe a day? Whammy. Who knows. I am a great cook. :) Problems with figuring out what to cook and you only have chicken and Vegas? I'm the girl for you.

Coffee your job. Give me strength to get through the day with all the kids home. I'm married, but single for the next few weeks. Cat and so know what I'm talking about. I need some serious TLC.

Love you guys. Thanks for indulging me. You always do...and I cherish you guys.


Night Flier said...

Ugh! I understand, I was up last night until 1:30am with insomnia because my mind would not shut off. I wish I had a shutdown and reboot button for my brain sometimes! LOL

Have a great weekend!

Cat said...

You got that right girl! some TLC is SOOOO In order right now.

Peanutt said...

I need some TLC too!!!

Jewl said...

Awwww, Hugs to you girl, because I DO know how it is!! Hope things aren't too crazy to the point where you just want to lay in bed in the fetal position! LOL Vent any time chick or email me!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Ok so last night I was watching a chick flick and thinking...I sooo needed some girlfriends to watch with me.

I bought "In Her Shoes." I had been putting off watching it, because the book was soooooo good. It was good. I watched "Wedding Crashers" and that movie kicked Yes, I just said Kicked


Lucky Lum said...

Nothing like when you need a little sleep and your brain decides to wake up to full gear!
I know what you're saying...I get brilliant ideas when I'm trying to fall asleep!

hugs to you :)

LizzieDaisy said...

Huggies Christie. I'll talk to you tomorrow. :)

And my hub is off tomorrow, but just for two days. Not so bad.