Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Karma has come to bite me in my ASS!

If you've read my blog for a while you all know that I'm a little crazy about the whole ACCENT thing. Ok, I'm a snob about it. So what?! I totally admit it.

Now, before you go freaking out on me my, little southern sweeties...I'm sure your sweet sexy drawls are fabulous. Seriously. My realtor has the cutest little voice. It's just that I'm a west coast girl. My kids have grown up on the coast. They're not supposed to sound like they're little hillbillies. (once again..no offense. LOL)It's one thing to have a sweet drawl...it's another thing to sound like you don't know the first thing about the English language. So...here I go on my rant. Just know that Darlene...you're a hot sexy mama...I'm sure you sound delicious. :) LOL. I'm more concerned with some of what my daughter is coming home saying.

Hey Mommy...I'm Fixin' to go to bed! (FIXIN'!)

Y'all need to come up and see how clean the bonus room is! (Y'all)

My and I...(not with the eye at the end...but like Meh and Ieh.)

Mommy...I love the Titans...the Chargers just suck! (sacrilegious)

So there, a few examples that just bug the crap out of me. I know...I am a snob. However, I'm the book whore, the literature fiend, and the one who would rank my Chaucer class (yes a class only on Chaucer) as one of my top 3 courses in college. Kind of a nerd, I guess (cute though.)

To better understand my total and complete freak-out,let's reflect. My husband received orders to move to Georgia. King's Bay Georgia is deep in the south, as I discovered with a phone call from a potential realtor. His drawl was so thick...I had to listen to his message 3 time! LOL. Finally...I'm going to have to leave DR. Calm!!!!!!!!!! You've never met a cuter Chinese/American psychiatrist with a Nashville twang...ever! Thank Goodness for hot sexy mamma's like Darlene, who has offered up some hot F-me shoes if they fit. :)!!!!!!

Yes..I'm rambling. Thanks for indulging me, yet again.


Cat said...

ROFLMAO sorry this post just has me laughing... you such a nut! LOL

I love you girl!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Love you tooo my sweet little Cat!

You sooooo know what I'm talking about.

Jewl said...

Hmmm, My Grandparents are from GA and they always use to say "Chill'in" for children and I don't know about GA but when I lived in TX instead of saying that your going to put something away they say "Go put it up" At first I was like "ummm Put it up where?"
But GA has the BEST food EVER! I'd be a cow if I actually lived there. Fried Catfish, Fried Side Meat, Souther style Green Beans,Flat corn bread,... OMG, I could go on and on. When you see little shacks on the road that are resturants GO THERE!! They have the best yummy food!! Hmmm, maybe I will meet you for dinner one day! LOL

TheSugarV said...

Hehehe hthis was a funny post. I can see you combating the "drawl."

Darlene said...

I was fixin to get mad at you for thinking that I might sound like a hillbillie, but now I ain't...........

Yep, ain't is REAL BIG down here!

Seriously, I don't really consider myself to have a drawl...do I?! (as I begin questioning everything I say) I definitely do not say 'fixin' very often, but believe me it took years of self-restraint!

Lucky Lum said...

Oh girl, ya'll are really in for it if your fixin to move to Georgia!!

LizzieDaisy said...

I may live in Indianer, but I don't have an accent. I don't think anyhoo. :)

I like the lilt of the accent, but I'm not much for the vocab. Have fun with that!

TBG said...

You've been nominated by Lucky Lum for the blogger in the spotlight.


Please email me and I will send you the interview!


Kari said...

Just. Wait.

Liza said...

I love the southern accent. I watch Forrest Gump and talk like that for days afterwards. I watched it over a week ago and I still sound a bit southern. I pick up accents so easily. I went to Florida when I was 16 and we stayed in Georgia for only 1 night and I picked up the Georgia accent and it last for a month. But i know what you mean, I love the Northern Accent and I hate it when people around me talk like they aren't from the Northern. Have you seen "Drop Dead Gorgeous" with Kirsten Dunst? That is a lovely Northern Accent, the way they all say their vowels. I do that. Not all the time, but most of the time. i say "a" like "ih" "e" is "ih" and well, you get the point.

ThoughtsGalore said...

OK OK OK...lol.

You guys are bad! That's why I say..Karma had come to bite me in my ass. LOL. I soooo deserve the twangs. :)

Choppzs said...

I have to say I loved living in the south!! I loved the accents and the wonderful manners!! I also have to say (no offense to a Cali girl) that Cali is the worst state I have ever lived in!! lol I would give my arm to switch places with you girl!!

Anonymous said...

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