Friday, September 09, 2005

Yep...I've lost it...Just a bunch of MOOSH! XOXO!

Do you ever have those days when you don't want to answer the phone? I mean I have the ones all the time where I don't want to get up, but the kids must be fed. So, my need for alone time takes shape when I don't want to deal with the calls.

I've been reading everyone and we're all feeling a little funky. I just thought it was about time I write something good to perk my buddies up. SOOOOO read on.

Before that...TO THE ASS THAT WROTE ME THAT EMAIL..FUCK YOU! I received an email for a prick who said we all complain and should be grateful we have homes and families. Ok...well fuckhead...we are grateful! We miss Cat. We've cried and cried. We needed a laugh. THONGS, BOOBIES...and POOPIE is the codeword for laughing for us. So..screw you and take your preaching to the choir. that that's out of the way. :)

Mama Duck, You Hunny, are our sweet MD who brightens us, gives us poonami tales...and we know you have your favorite thong. Ok...but hunny...Earl needs to go! xoxo (OBA Founding Member)

Cat Hunny, You're so strong and brave. I can't believe that two weeks ago we were worrying about the hot tub. Now, you're going to KC and we miss you. You have us and we love you.(OBA Founding Member)

Peanutt, You're my Gemini baby. Remember when we had matching blogs? :) When we connect it's kismit. I just sooooo don't get the Jon Bon Jovi thing! UGH...Hugh Grant baby. Oh that's right, you're our Crue girl.'s better than Tommy, I guess. (OBA Founding Member)

Bethy Girl, Could you be any cuter?! I love that we found each other. You're a constant sweet perk me up. xoxo

Jewl Baby, Can you believe we found each other on here. WE have sooooo much of the same in our worlds. I wish you were closer!!!!! You need a hug and sleep. I wish I could help you and ease your poor brain.

Lizzie Girl, You are the blogger Queen! You have more blogs and kids than anyone I know! You Rock! Hey everyone...Lizzie mentioned Boobies, Thongs, and Cocktails all in the same post!!!! She's an official member of OBA.

Marie My Cali Girl I have this thing with Marie that is beyond words. You're so special...amazing....funny and baby we have so much the same in our worlds. Except the hubby factor. You have a way of showing us the single girl's sexy life that we can't seem to remember. I miss you and wish you were closer. We need to talk, curl up with drinks...and just be. I hope you're feeling better.

Ok...this is the first installment of my mooshy list. I care about you guys and somehow we're connected by our computers. I check on you all...everyday. You just mean the world to me. Ok, OK.....I've gushed enough.


Peanutt said...

Thanks for the mooshy honey!!!! And yes, I have plenty of those don't answer the phone days!!
And yeah, that guy needs to tell it to the preacher!!!
Hugz to you!!!!

Jewl said...

Awwww, I LOVE mooshy stuff... especially when it has to do with me! LOL...J/K, sort of...
You are always so sweet, to everyone. I can't believe the jerk wrote you and said otherwise... Yeah, we are all grateful for what we have, and for Cat and her safety. Everyone needs a little laugh because things have been so sad... If you can't handle that ASS, then get THE FUCK OUT! Nobody asked you to stop by anyway....And I'm sure as Shit My Girl here never asked for your opinion. Instead of giving unwanted advise why not use your fingers to push a few buttons over at the Red Cross website and use your time to donate some money... or put some care packages together like so many of us have here... Oh yeah, there are also a Shit load of Marines in Iraq who never get any mail, they could use some care packages as well as they are defending your right to be an ASS... why not pay them a Thank You...
Anyway, Chicky, You ALWAYS make my day better, you are the very first Blog I check out with my morning cup of Java... I hope some day in our small Marine world that we will get to actually see eachother face to face. I treasure your friendship....

ThoughtsGalore said... I'm tearing up. Peanutt and Jewl...we are so lucky. I'm sitting here with Java in hand and Sammy is watching The Wiggles. (Hey we have tivo and the boy has like 8 tivod...and no they don't grow out of it at 3 he's 4 1/2.) My hubby is gone for the weekend getting Marines ready for who knows what and I get these two little posts and I'm just feeling so thankful for you guys.

I just never have been ripped on here for anything. That guy just set me off. Hey could have been a woman, but yet..women would appreciate the boobies and thong talk. :)


Liza said...

Moosh is great once in awhile. My pillow's name is Moosh and I love Moosh. Anyways, Beth, Tina, and Marie are three of my favorite blog friends (and well, Beth is one of my closest friends OFF the internet too lol) and what you said about them is sweet!!

Boobie, Poopie, and Thongs are great. I love my boobies & I wear Thongs. And Poop stories are funny...most of the time.

Tay said...

The mooshiness was wonderful.

I've missed yah, where have you been?!!

Wethyb said...

You are so awesome! Thank you for the mooshy did perk me up!

You tell that guy....tell him how it is!

Marie said... are so sweet, Christie. I love the mooshey stuff. Thank you for the loving words and for putting a smile on my face! I feel the same way about you.

And the jerk off who e-mailed you can shove his words and preaching you-know-where.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Wooohooo! We're all in agreement so anonymous fuck suck.

See..I told him/her!

LizzieDaisy said...

Wow, how very adult to send an anonymous email saying something you are too chicken shit to say with your name on it.

Anyway, thanks for the upper. So need it lately. Reading your blog... yes, the thongs and boobies and poop rock... makes me perk up a little. People need that ya know? Not every blog entry on the net needs to be about Katrina. I personally cannot handle any more.

Moosh to you too Christie... hope you smile today. A lot. :)

Mama Duck said...

You are so damn sweet!

I was just bitching to SD last night about how I wish that we all lived closer and that the internet is a tease b/c you all seem like you're RIGHT THERE...but you're not.

Hugs to you, sweetie!!

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