Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Comments From His Drunkeness!!!!

1. I'm so horny!
2. Here hunny...have some Hershey's Kisses. I know they put you in the mood.
3. I'm so horny!
4. Hunny if you were a sex toy, what would you be?
5. Put that on your blog!
6. Have some more Hershey's.
7. You're going to get it so good.
8. Whoever invented Blue Moon Beer sucks. This beer sucks ass.
9. Hunny your hot. Here catch. (3 more Kisses for me.)
10.Perflectly! (yes Perflectly..then I make fun of him)
11.Flips me off. Fine you don't get me. (Promise.)
12.Ok I take it back..you can have me.

Ugh...and now he's sleeping on the couch. LOL!
Happy Tuesday friends. I didn't blog today or search around. I will catch up tomorrow.


Peanutt said...

LOL, that is too funny! At least you enjoyed yourself some damn fine Hershey Kisses!

Wethyb said...

Aw that's so romantical :) Sounds like how Ry is when he's hammered.....do we ever do that? LOL.

ThoughtsGalore said...

We're not horny men when we're drunk. I'm fun!

You can tell when my hubby is drunk, because he calls everyone on tv a jackass. The word Jackass is spews from his lips.

Oh and no..there was no sex.

Choppzs said...

That's so funny! My husband sounds a bit like that, only by the time he walks inside from smoking, he's passed out on the couch and I can't, for the life of me, get him up.

Marie said...

LOL! That's hilarious. I love how he was tossing hersheys kisses your way to get you in the mood. ;)

LizzieDaisy said...

When my hubby drinks, he gets really horny too... but the window of opportunity is small, just like most guys I guess, or at least your hub. Otherwise, they just fall asleep. Too cute.

ThoughtsGalore said...

M...He's such a charmer, huh. :)

Lizzie...He not only had some brewskies, he took his allergy medicine. He was out like a light. He woke up and said...hey hunny I just read the label. Did you know you can't drink alcohol with Zyrtec. Hmmmmm. Duh.

Yes...and my husband has a Civil Engineering Degree, almost an MBA...and planned elements of the war in Iraq. Hmmmmm and he didn't know not to mix sleepy medicine with a bunch of beer. LOL!


bart said...

oh yeah... and half the commenters you mentioned can't even spell properly... go figure :P

and yes, I'm horny but at least I can spell and can use capitals as often as I feel they're necessary... pity it's not of much use during sex though, even the most inarticulate seem to manage then :P

Mama Duck said...

Dammit...geton the stick! We miss you.

So, did he get lucky or not!?!??!

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