Friday, September 16, 2005


Holy Crap!

I can't see my blog when I type my address in! I can see all of yours, but not minFuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck! (Lizzie...totally appropriate time for the use of Fuck.)So, no SPF yet. I'm hoping it's just a glitch and if I publish this and republish the whole thing we might be somewhere!

Here are a few Friday noteworthy items...
1. My little Mocha puppy likes to sleep right next to my ass! He always just snuggles right there. Hmmmm. Either is the soft he likes or who knows..! I'll take a picture, he's right here right now. :) He's so cute.
2. My hubby is gone again for work. UGH! So lucky me I get the children alone for, yet another 3 days in a row!
3. There has been a squierrel running around my yard and i'm petrified to go outside. Now, Lizzie has a friend named Christie chatting with her. Maybe I should send my NON FRIEND...over to her and they could chat away. BTW..Who the fuck invented a Squirrel feeder! WTF!
4. My lovely sister told my mom about my blog! All together now....!!!!!! (hi mom)UGH UGH UGH! Thanks Erin ya! Next time you have a "don't tell mom moment...i'll think twice.." :) My mom is so computer illiterate she probably won't find me again.
5. However, my mother now wants a BLOG! She told me to set it up and let her know. GOd please help me. LOL! Jan and a blog. Totally dangerous! We're thinking it could be called Jan's Bag Of Tricks...because that is the joke in my family. She many Louis Vuitton bags And when she has one we call it the bag of tricks. See...if you are anxious Jan can pull out something to settle you. YOu have a migraine? Jan's bag of tricks has a cure! You say no there will not be any cats for the children...Jan pulls the money out of her Bag of Tricks for a Shih Tzu puppy!6. Finally...if this fucking blog doesn't post...I'm going to scream!


Marie said...

Hey! I can see you now. I tried earlier and like you described...there was only a blank screen.

How funny that your mom wants a blog too! I think that would be a fun family project. :)

All I can say is that thankfully MY mom doesn't know about my blog. She'd die of shock in reading about my adventures. lol

Happy Friday to you, girl!

Wethyb said...

It posted honey bunny! Yay! Thanks for the crack me up!

I couldn't imagine my mom getting herself a blog. Oh my!

Let the fun begin :) Have a great weekend!

Dana said...

I had problems with mine yesterday, but it finally became visable after I republished my blog (there's a button on your template, I think.) Hope that helps.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Whew! I can see mine now too! Ok...So my mom probably couldn't this again for her life. It's just kind of funny that she's wanting one!

I mentioned comments and she said..ooooooh how do I read those? Ugh....I told her you need a special code. LOL. Gotta love her!

Liza said...

I can see your blog :) I can't see Carrie's though and that's odd for me. Anyways, hope you have a great weekend!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh mom has a blog too..she found out about mine..the woman hasnt posted since auguast 12th or something..LOL

i am havin puter troubles too...ugg..fucking puters anyway:)

Peanutt said...

Well how fuckin' funny that your mom wants a blog!!! My mom would be like "where is the greek alphabet?" lol. Oh boy.
Fuckity fuck fuck!!!
I had to join in toO! Made me feel much better!!! LOL.
Well, I hope your blog gets the bugs out because I wanna see your SPF!!!
Ok cutie patootie have a great friday!

bart said...

bwahahaha... i didn't hear a scream, but that's because your post did eh... post or you've got a squirrel feeder somewhere it's not supposed to be right now ;-)
(yes, and i'll spare you the jokes about both your friends being completely nuts...)

petrifying is something dinosaurs do after lunchtime, don't try it because you won't like it... on the other hand, just pass the tip on to your mother, who knows what will happen :D

Mama Duck said...

Damn, I'm not even sure my mother knows what a blog is...

Anonymous said...

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