Saturday, September 10, 2005


It's so nice to know Cat is with her family and finally to get some rest! When I opened her email I was so happy! She actually was able to send an email. That was the best news in days!

Head over to her site and there is a list of things that she and her family could use. Her sister in law, Heather (our favorite blog designer) put it together. She has lost everything! Cat won't ask for this so some of us are asking for help for her! there was serious, now on to the fluff!

* My kids are out of their minds. That's all that needs to be said. We all get that.
* Sam wanted to try to pee into a diet pepsi bottle just for fun. Uhhhh NOOOOOO! He told me his penis would fit. Yep..delightful!
* I heard from an old friend last night and it was wonderful. It's been a while since we talked and we picked up like we had spoken just the other day. I love that!
* Oh and BTW...I think I've said, "PUT THE DOG DOWN," about 75 times today.

Calgon take me away...


Online Incomes said...
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Fej said...

Hey you, I'm still getting organized and such with my new computer. I hope things are okay out in your world.

Marie said...

Hahahaha!! The stories you tell about your kids crack me up. ;)

How's the puppy doing these days?

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, chickie. :)

Jewl said...

Hey, that sounds like my house everyday! LOL... Hope you manage to have a good weekend and get to relax a bit. Glad you got to hear from Cat as well, tell her I am thinking of them and happy they are all safe and sound.

Peanutt said...

It is great to hear that Cat is at least safe!

What is it with boys and their penis? I mean, I guess I'll never know since I don't have one, but I know my boys are always grabbin' on theirs. I always ask "you gotta pee???" of course, the answer is always 'no'. I just don't get it. LOL.
Have a great Sunday honey!

ThoughtsGalore said...

It's weird how guys are with their penis. I mean do we grab our nipples and twirl them in our fingers? NO.

I bet we could find any man at any given moment watching tv with their hands resting inside their pants and on the member. LOL.

I always ask if it's still there.

Mama Duck said...

I'd like to comment on a certain husband I know and his friend who, back in college, drove me to another uni for a big party and did indeed pee into bottles so they wouldn't have to stop for a potty break.

It's TOTALLY a boy thing.

Am. A. Bit. Jealous.

LizzieDaisy said...

"I mean do we grab our nipples and twirl them in our fingers? NO."