Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bookmarks and Valium...

Well friends...the Mom knows how to bookmark things on the computer. Next, it was my Dad, not my sister who informed the mom about the blog. HOLY CRAP! Don't even ask me how he found it. That being said...she called at 9:15PM...and wanted to tell me she does know how to bookmark! My wonderful Dad bought her, her very own computer and she was on her bed reading the blogs!

"Christie, could you just go and take out some of the Fucks, because I'm going to call the cousins in Massachusettes and let them know about your blog!"


"Christie, just go and take some of them out. Oh, and I do have anything you might need for a little headache or anxiety."

"No shit mom"
In the background you hear my sisters cracking up about how she's found me out and I got stuck on the phone with her for a half hour.!!!!!

That was last's the morning now!
1. Hubby is away on business.
2. The children have lost all sense of reality.
3. We've been up since 4:45.
4. I'm slowly losing my mind this morning and it' only 9:30.
5. I can't even go potty alone.
6. First things out of their mouths were the begging for toy store shopping ???WTF
7. I'm sure I'm just crabby, but still.
8. I'm sitting here looking at the blogs sipping coffee...and I hate to admit it watching Britney and Kevin's Chaotic on MTV. (i'm a loser..yep)
9. Calgon take me away.
10.Sorry for the venting.
11.Not very encouraging when you're feeling Valium worthy this early in the day.


Marie said...

Oy! I can only imagine what my mom would say to me if she found my blog. Thank goodness my brother knows that he better not tell her - I'm barely comfortable that HE knows about it. LOL! Especially the sex talk, which he doesn't want to read and usually skips. hehehe

Damn, woman. Don't your kids like to sleep until at LEAST 6am on the weekends?? ;) Where is the valium and Calgon when you really need it, right? Sheesh! I hope you are hanging in, chick. I'm drinking my dark roast coffee thinking of you. :)


ThoughtsGalore said...

M...thanks sweetie. I swear My V has hit the system. The young ones are fed and I hope they fall asleep into a nap any moment. I'm going to read..Shopaholic and Sister...and chill.

Jewl said...

You and I need to go for a drink... I mean DRINKS and some strong ones....

Choppzs said...

It's funny, because this morning, up by 7, and I was ALSO watching "Chaotic" lol to funny. Now I must go and change an extremely foul smelling diaper!! Just didn't want you to feel so alone in your watching of stupid reality shows on MTV!!!

momyblogR said...

Calgon? I was screaming for Carlo Rossi just the other day!! LOL

ThoughtsGalore said...

J...I had the hubby go and get me a bottle of Jack before he went on his little work trip. I'm not saying I've been lushing out, but baby just a little Jack & Coke with some ice was perfect last night.
Choppz...she is still so young, but they really are cute together. I just feel badly for such a little girl to be a corporation. She was a beautiful bride. serious talking about Whatever. :)
Momy...Carlo Rossi was a staple in my house growing up. LOL! HOly Crap!

Wolfgang62 said...

My brother and sister-in-law are the only members of my family that know about my blogs as far as I know. When I first started them I didn't want anyone to know, but now that I've been blogging for a few months I really don't care if they see my blogs or not.

You have the right to post whatever you want to, including all the f-bombs! They don't have to read it- they can always go to instead!

Jennifer said...

I fear my mom finding my blog. LOL, there are many post where I'm like what the F was my mom doing???

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