Thursday, September 22, 2005

I love you guys and have never met you!

Do you ever think about how lucky we are?! We really are you guys. In my little blogosphere there's a core group of junkies. Instead of OBA (over blogger anonymous)..I propose a new name. From this point forward...let's be the
"The Blogging Babes" !!!!!!

I was vacuuming the ceiling fan and watching Oprah yesterday. If any of you did know who the special guest was. Yep.... JON BON JOVI.
I am forever corrected. He is HOT! I think of him and think of 1987 Bon Jovi. Long hair lots of hair on his chest...yuck look (peanutt..i know you love that kind of rocker dude.) :) got me to thinking. I couldn't wait to get on and pull a Mea Culpa. I mean I couldn't wait to share with my friends. I have friends who I talk to every day...and yes I thank God we have 2000+ cell phone minutes and unlimited long distance on the phone. Sometimes, guys are who I can't wait to tell things to. Sometimes, you guys get it more than people I've known forever. We make each other laugh, lift each other up....feel the pain and happiness of the day.

So my Blogging Babes (and you know who you are)you're treasured. You're needed. You mean so much to me. Sappy ok...but truthful...yes!

This is what I predict. We're going to meet. We're going to have cocktails. WE will sooooo get one another...and we'll laugh even harder when that happens. :) I hope you're all smiling, because I really mean it.
Thanks Lizzie for naming a squirrel after me.
Thanks MD for the boobies and thong talk.
Thanks Peanutt for showing me that a former rocker chick can become a Dainty Diva
Thanks Bethy for your sweet cute self and letting us be your piss in your pants.
Thanks Bart for your most eloquent insights all the time.
Thanks Fej for being one of the originals on my blog list.
Thanks CAT...and I miss you sooooo much. Come Back.
Thanks Jewl for showing me I'm soooo not alone.
Thanks Cali Marie..I just love you.
Ok, there are more...but i'll stop now....I need more coffee and to take the boy to Mother's Day Out!

Mooshy enough for all of you....?


Liza said...

Your probably the only blogger out there that can get as mooshy as me at times :)

Beth can get down with her cute self, haha. She's awesome!! I'm blessed to actually know her :)

Marie said...

You are so adorable! I love this post and I love being referred to as a "Blogging Babe." hehe :) You know I love you too and think of you often, especially when I'm out and about thinking that you would appreciate the scenery here.

I'm thankful that we've been able to share so much with each other via blogland and e-mail. :) You are a damn fine woman.

Peanutt said...

Awwww thanks C!! I love you to pieces!!! And yes, I sooo used to love the long hair man thing, but I've shucked that many moons ago! But Bon Jovi will be forever in my heart! Yum! And I'm bummed, I missed that! I wish I had TiVo!!!
And this made me want to cry!!! Your so sweet! I would love it if we could all meet!

Cat said...

OMG, you are too sweet! But I totally agree with you! We are all so alike it is scarey! LOL

and Hey, I have always thought Jon Bon Jovi is HOT! why didn't I watch OPRAH yesterday? hmm? damn!

Oh and I am back! I have missed you too!
your fellow "Blogging Babe!"

bart said...

hihi... thanks for the compliment :D
could i tempt you sometime with an exquisite "Mothers Day In" ;-)

keep well...

LizzieDaisy said...

Let's have a drive in party. At Christie's since she started it. I'll bring the squirrel and you can all meet her. She has a new bf. They played tag today. Or rather, she was playing harding to get as he was trying to tag her (knowing boys and all).

So anyhoo, I totally need you to get a frozen margarita machine though. JSYK.

And I always hoped I'd be a babe someday! I'm so happy I've finally arrived! :)

Mush mush to you too! thanks for the smile girlie...

Fej said...

Thanks C. I'm sorry I've been such the slacker lately, but I am still reading at least.

Jewl said...

Sorry, but I can't get past Jon's teeth! LOL... When I watched Oprah the other day that is all I could focus on, those big white pearly's!
Anyway, I am thrilled that we have found each other as well. I love being a BB and having each other when times are good and not so good.... It is probably the best hobby/therapy I ever had! Well, that and a good drink!

Wethyb said...

You're such a sweety!!! I think a Blogger Babes convention is just what we all need!!! That would be so fricken fun!!

And I missed that Oprah :( I wanted to watch him. He is gorgeous!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Cat is back!!!!!!

DId you guys notice that!

We have missed you soooo much!
We sooooo need to catch up!

Mama Duck said...

Dude, I love you too, but you're not getting my beer!!

What about "Bloggin' Bitches"?

Too crude?

We could get personalized thongs and everything...

ThoughtsGalore said...

But hey...aren't we crude?

Bloggin' Bitches would be great for those of us!

We may not all get 35 comments on average, like you Miss BB....but hey I'll pop the thongs into the embroidery function and wooooohooo.