Friday, September 23, 2005

SPF...Odd and Random!

Here are Fridays Odd and Random Pictures. Our Lovely Kristine brings us some great topics every Friday. Sometimes I totally suck at getting them posted, but I seem to be on the ball between watching RITA.

First off you'll notice the "Looked better in the store" Item. This Cuisinart combo sucks! The blender is fine, but the food processor is cheap and crap. It's impossible to clean and it just doesn't work like I wanted it to. I guess I needed to spend the $200 for the really good one. I don't use it often, but when we're making guacamole and salsa...we need more options!!!!

Oh and the cup! Those damn cups just crack like there's no tomorrow! HATE THEM. They're at Costco. They come in a bunch of cute colors. Maybe they were just summer items...but buyer beware.

Next item is my cute PINK cell phone and PINK cell phone case! Yes, Pink is my signature color and I don't need a camera on my phone. :) They didn't have any pink camera phones...!

Finally you'll see my camera. I need a better one! I didn't know how to take a picture of like Kristine, I just copied the picture from HP. I need a rockin camera. Something that takes great zoom ins and zooom outs. Maybe that's why I suck in the picture posting department. I need to be IN LOVE with my camera.

Ok Blogging Babes....I played!


Marie said...

Hey!! I love your cell phone - it so cute and SO you! :) I need to get myself a digital camera soon so that I can do all this fun stuff.

Renee said...

Cute phone and case! Cool stuff!:)

Annejelynn said...

PINK! :)

Mama Duck said...

I was going to say, a blender was the worst purchase you've made? MORE MIXED DRINKS, PLEASE!

We have a Hamilton Beach food processor (not $200...very cheap) and I LOVE it! I shred cheese all the time and just did cranberries for a Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin recipe.


Good God, for a moment I was getting a little too domestic for my own tastes.


That's better.

Peanutt said...

I love your pink phone! And I thought the same thing about mixed drinks when I saw the blender!
It looks awesome and I'm sorry it sucked!!! I hate when stuff like that happens!
I hope you have a wonderful friday!

MMC said...

Why is it the 'combo' things never work out? It seems like such a great idea.....Adorable phone and access.

Lazy Lightning said...

Another prop to the Hamilton Beach food processor - I got one at Good Will for FIVE BUCKS when we had an iguana, and it worked great! Thing would smash carrots, celery, lettuce, potatoes.. whatever. Only 3 settings though.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Margaritas anyone?!

On the rocks or slushy?!

Marie said...

Oooh, yes!! One for me please...on the rocks. :) I'm actually heading out the door right now for happy hour. Thank goodness the place is walking distance! woo hoo! ;) I'll be thinking of you as I drink my cocktails.

Anonymous said...

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