Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Boobies, Thongs and Poop

Wow...I'm back and feeling frazzled still.

I'm in agreement with Mama Duck we need more Boobie, Poopie, and Thong talk! I need to lighten things up and get a smile on! Don't you guys need that too.

This really is 9/11 ten times. I'm just feeling such a sadness it's crazy. We can all give. We just need to figure out how. I watched Oprah yesterday and was done. I was in tears over the spaghetti. UGH!

SOOOOOO bring it on Mama hunny! Boobies and Thongs. Hmmmmm. Anyone have a favorite?! I have these BBV V-strings. Not very good to exercise in. Then I have these wonderful thongs that VS doesn't even make anymore. I had bought so many that I have a bunch that are still new. LOL. Yep..I'm an underwear WHORE! I have drawers full. I think pictures are needed. Hmmm.

Oh and BTW. I went through my little drawers yesterday and threw away anything I wouldn't want to be picked up in an ambulance in! How's that for cute?

Ok...I needed this light little fluff post to get back into things.
I'm thinking of all of you and missing you guys.


truthwarp said...

It really has been crazy. The news is both compelling and tragic. I want to do something but in the meantime I derive some comfort from reading and writing aimless shit.

So I stumbled through here and agree wholeheartedly, maybe I'll post some thong pics but the poopy thing... hmm I find it more scary than fun.

Taylor said...

Glad you are back! I was wondering where in the hell you went! Damn I feel left out, maybe I need to stock up on some new undies from VS! ROFL!

Timmortal said...

Boobies, thongs and poop. You just summarized my weekend.

Peanutt said...

Ok, boobies I have lack of, thongs, I have plenty of, and poppy? well, lets just say, I'd much rather stay away from this catergory! My kids are old enough to know better!!!

Peanutt said...

P.S. I'm glad you seem to be doing better! I missed you!!!

Carrie said...

well... I posted my boobs yesterday... so I played MY part!!! :)

I used to work for VS... so you should see my drawers. get it?? SEE MY DRAWERS??? HAH!!! I'm slaying myself ovah he-ah!

right now I'm doing my own little prayer service that when this weaning business is over, I can fit back into the 80+ 34C bras (with matching panties, of course!) that have been laying dormant for the past year and a half. I miss those cute little things!!!

til then... I'm stuck with the very boring, very LARGE ham-bags. BLAH!

Heather said...

I have posted for Cat, if any of you would like to help her, I have listed how.

Thanks for supporting her and caring about her, I really mean that!

Night Flier said...

Boobies, Poop and Thong Talk huh?
It is hard to be lighthearted and fun when this tragedy is happening. But I feel better as I found a way to volunteer at a shelter.

I am also an Underwear Whore...can never have enough! Especially those cute ones from Victoria's Secret! :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Now aren't you all glad I lightened up the day! Now all we're missing is Cat, Mama, Marie and Beth to join in!

Jewl said...

That reminds me, I need to buy some new Undies...
You always put a smile on my face chick! :)

Lucky Lum said...

I am sooo jealous of the chick who worked at VS!
Love new panties! And I HATE when they discontinue your favorite bra or underwear.
Thanks for lightening things up!

ThoughtsGalore said...

and Jewl..and Lucky L!
I love having you guys. We're sooo good for each other.

Hey..I have my baby Mochachinno on my lap. He's just sooooo cute and sweet and kissy!


LizzieDaisy said...

You're wonderful. I so needed to read about boobies, thongs and poop. Really I did. My hub used to have a VS credit card. Wonder what happened to that? I need some new stuff. And yeah, what's with discontinuing your favs? It's like they're trying to make us try something new and spice it up a bit. Bah. :)

I see blogs that look interesting so I'm going to go cruise awhile from your blog. Then I'll post... I'm just hungover so I need to read instead of type for awhile.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Lizzie cruise cruise. Feel better. hubby has his name on all the VS catalogs that come to the house. about that.

Mama Duck said...

I cannot WAIT to get my own boobs back (like, I know...whose are you using now?!?! shut up...) so that I can buy pretty bras again!

I have been wearing the SAME THREE BRAS EVERYDAY for the past three years during pregnancy and breast feeding.

I plan to burn them and write an ode in their honor when I'm done.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Hey..Mama D..when you burn the bras throw on Earl with them.

It must

Marie said...

You are so funny, Christie! Thanks for making me laugh and smile. :) I love thongs! I found a few that I really love at Nordstrom's.

And boobies...I am thankful that mine still look good in a halter top. ;-)

Miss and love ya,