Friday, March 05, 2010

Yes, Another iPod Exchange Needed!

I love my iPod Touch. I love any iPod. It's one of my I can't live without items. I'd give up my cell phone before this, because I can even Skype and text with my touch. However, I hate the "Home Button" at the bottom of the pod. I'd call it the menu button, but it's actual name is called the "Home Button."
One night it worked and the next morning it didn't. That's how I find iPods work lately. This will be my 3rd return in two months. The first one returned was my daughter's 5th generation nano. Crap. I don't know if there's just too much on it, with the video, camera, am/fm, or just another flawed iPod. The next one was when my disc drive on my reg 32 G ipod just stopped working. Finally, I'm left with the very expensive touch. I was told by Apple that the home button was such an issue, but I challanged the customer service rep to browse all the discussion websites. I even told him to check his own website and read about all the people with their flawed iPods home buttons. It's just a warning. The button sticks and then it won't work. Then, it's time to return the iPod to the Mac store. Crappy, huh. I know it's not the end of the world, but when you spend soooo much money on an iPod'd expect it to work. Oh, did I mention you better have the right equiptment for charging. I was finally so fed up that I went and bought an iHome that is compatible with 3rd Gen iPod Touch and 5th Gen Nano, because you can no longer charge to the wall. Ok..I'm done.
The Poor Customer Service Rep from Apple just had to listen to me complain for almost 30 minutes.
Off to the Genius Bar. xoxoxo

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