Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just When You Open Up A Little....He

All I had to do what read the text message that she couldn't stop crying and didn't know what to do or who to call, my heart broke for her. What can I do all these miles away? What I do is listen, offer advice, and just try to encourage her to trust her decisions she's made. Divorce isn't easy...but continued verbal abuse, secrets, and disappearing is not what loving husband does to his wife and children. Skillfully a manipulator can work himself right back into a soft part in an already vulnerable heart. It's our jobs as women, friends, and family to remind ourselves and one another of all the previous crap that the manipulator has caused and put everyone through.

I'm sorry my sweet sister that he tried to get some serious sympathy from you. He got what he needed, a rental car, and he left after trying to make you feel bad about telling your family he demolished his car that is in your name. You're a strong, beautiful, amazing woman/Mom/and sister. REMEMBER that always. I love you.

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Ms.Faith said...

I'm sorry to hear that her husband wasn't worth the title, but I'll keep him in my prayers as well as the young lady you noted. You're a very good friend to your sister we need more people like you.