Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stoking The Fire of Violence and Hate

Where have you gone John McCain? Where is the man I once so greatly admired? I just listened to a man who looked like McCain and Sounded like McCain explain away Sarah Palin's Lock and Load and Cross hair map for "Taking Democrats Out" as nothing more than what he's scene in politics all his life. Really?

He continued to tell Ann Curry that he condemned violence occurring because of Health Care Reform, but then continued it was happenening because people were mad and it's all because of the back room deals and "sausage making" the democrats have done behind closed doors. Really?

Wow. So, throwing bricks at congressional member's offices in the capitol and in their home towns isn't so bad? Threats of violence and the
N word thrown at the Rep. John Lewis who marched that bloody Sunday in Selma Alabama isn't so bad, compared to the sausage making of the democrats. Wow. Sarah Palin going on her Face Book and telling her followers to RELOAD with a map of the cross haired states of the reps to "take out" isn't as bad as politics as usual. Really?

Wow. So, now McCain says he won't work on anything bipartisan for the rest of his term. I wonder how this will help his opponent J.D. Hayworth down there in Arizona? I imagine the Senator will change his mind about that really soon.

Senator Boehner, you let me know when Armageddon happens. You said this was the beginning, with the passage of the bill. Is that Armageddon to begin with the violence from the right fringe? All the stoking of the flames might get you just what you've wished for, but then what? If all else fails I'm sure you'll turn to
Glenn Beck and let him try and sway the Tea Baggers toward McCarthyism 2010 with all his communist talk.

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