Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Organizing Me...

I have become engrossed in saving money. It's a little sickening and empowering, at the same time. It's sickening to admit it and show my Sweet Keeper,aka geeky Trapper Keeper, with all my coupons and deals that around town. On the other hand, it's empowering to know I can save a TON of money just by some careful clicks of the mouse. Said clicks take me some great websites. There are some terrific women out there sharing some great knowledge with the rest of us. I'm taking to my blog to say...you can save money. Some of the websites say it's easy to find the deals and organize with their printable couponing and parts of it are easy. For me I need to look at my circulars, cut my coupons, print some online, and then list by store. The tough part is making sure you get what you need and making the most of coupons online/newspapers/circulars. For me it does mean going to at least two stores if I want to grocery shop and do the Walgreens or CVS rewards! Walgreens and CVS are amazing. To many of the hardcore couponers it's called The Drugstore Game. Of course there's the Coupon Mom many of you have heard of in the news and online. My new FAVORITE is the Deal Seeking Mom! What great about her is that she always has new deals constantly outside of just the normal circulars. Go to her site and learn about CVS and Walgreens. It's worth it. I have a few more frugalistas on my blogger list.

Discipline, saving, making plans, and then the execution of said plans are all good things. All of this has inspired me to focus on what I want to do with my goals. I don't want to run a coupon site. It wouldn't be fulfilling to my passions. The people running them are so fabulous at it that I couldn't do it any better or add anything more to their deal finding. The focus and organization is bringing me out of mommy land and back to the Wonderful World of Christie! I see the On Ramp right up the road. All this organizing and saving has me working towards a goal. What goal am I looking for? I am not sure. I'm learning about what makes me happy. Not quite sure what the happiness is EXACTLY, either, but I'm pretty close. :)

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