Friday, March 26, 2010

In A Rush Without My BRA!

The bus arrives, to drop the kids off home, at 2:30Pm every single day. Yesterday it was 2:20 and I realized I had to grab the Sweet Keeper. The Sweet Keeper is the keeper of the coupons and I needed it for the market stop that was going to happen right after picking up the kiddos. Sooooo, I was in a little bit of a rush. Ok, it was a HUGE RUSH. What do I do? I grab the Sweet Keeper, big bag of a purse, keys, phone....and get to the car. What did I forget? Hmmm...2:27 and something is missing! That's it....NO BRA! Car in park, it's on, and garage door is open , so I run into to grab a bra. Of course there's always a spare on top of the dryer for this exact reason! Grab it and pick up the kids.

I was going to put it on incognito in the bus pick up line. No one would have noticed. However, at this point it's 2:30 when I pull up and the bus is pulling up to the curb. Shit!

That's right it's going to have to happen at the market parking lot! I make the kids get out and stand right next to the car. In a split second..that bra is on under the shirt and I'm in business. Was there a problem? Did it go smoothly? Everything was fine except for the boob shot the old lady in the handicap spot caught. Well, hell if you're going to stare at someone in their car long enough you will see something unsightly eventually!

Bra on, sweet keeper in hands, kids wondering why they had to wait outside the car, and me no worse for the wear! Just another thing in my Wonderful World that I rocked so great, only the old lady staring at me knew I was doing a quick change in the parking lot! LOL.

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