Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What about the Tea Baggers?

How many Tea Baggers don't have health insurance of anykind? How many have Medicare, Medicaid, form of publicly funded care? How many have had times of not being able to get their children insured or seen by doctors due to lack of insurance? How many of those people couldn't get insurance for their children because of a pre-existing condition or a lifetime cap already in place? How many Tea Baggers have walked with signs picketing President Obama as a radical muslim, with a mustache like Hitler, or anything more radical like Obama caricatured like a monkey eating a banana? How many Tea Baggers knew tea bagging was a sexual act involving a man putting his testicles in woman's or another man's mouth? Simple questions to ponder.

Let's have debates! Our differences allow for new ideas to emerge when debated with respect and an open mind. Vote. Vote. Vote. Do the right thing and voice your opinions, but does it have to be demeaning to a human being? Should disparaging race or gender be part of pulling America apart into factions of haters? What does this say about our humanity if we lose sight of our fellow human?

Finally, if you're one of the people who starts posting how we're becoming Communists, then I must draw the line there. I'm sorry, but Obama is not the second coming of Stalin. No one called Bush, Napolean, over his war in Iraq that was over something that didn't exist, like WMD. You know what, strike that. This has nothing to do with Bush or the crazy amounts of millions and millions of dollars the Republicans used to try and impeach Clinton over a blow job in a closet. When their top leadership were also having affiars. Ok, I give in it was the lying about the BJ
that got Clinton in trouble.

I'm now done with the rant of the day.


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Of course you got it! Teabagging for Jesus! If she only knew. LOL. She probably wouldn't believe it!