Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ironing The Sheets!

I read on a great decorating blog by Jill Vargas , about ironing your sheets. Ironing your sheets you say? Who has time, you ask? Well, I did it tonight! It took all of 10 minutes. The Rowenta was hot and the sheets were warm and smelling like my perfect cocktail. You don't know what my cocktail is? It's the Tide with liquid Downey in the ball insdie the washer and the Bounce sheet in the dryer! Yum. Ok, so I took the sheets and ironed them. They folded up perfectly soft and tightly, like they do at my mom's house. I'm sure my mom doesn't iron her sheets. :)

We'll see what happens. The whole goal is have the bed feel like a spa hotel bed. I'm sure it will feel soooo good when I climb in tonight.

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