Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oooooh Lizzie A Tease!!!!!!!

Yes, I guess I was a tease. :) Ok, so let's see what I have done today.
  • I made a Blog for my BV site.! (I'm talented I
  • I have had some yummy yummy coffee.
  • My list of things to do has been shortened by 3 items! Woohoo!
  • Laundry is steadily going in the background.
  • The kitchen is picked up very nicely. (Yes my sweet Lummin...fixed from someone's attempt last
  • Oh ...let's not forget I've posted a few comments in some blogs.
  • Now I'm looking for a cool song for today.
  • I do love Jackson Brown. LOL...they just don't have enough of his songs with videos.

Love and kisses babes...



The Kept Woman said... got way more done that I have...

I've thought about doing a lot...does that count?

dakotablueeyes said...

don't say the L (laundry) Word lol. I'm so behind its just not funny. did get the bathrooms cleaned up sparkling and all nice and neat today though

ThoughtsGalore said... sooo get a Hi-5 just for thinking about it.

D...i love a clean clean bathroom.

LizzieDaisy said...

Great, come do my list next. You have spring break coming up right? It'll probably take that long. If you bring help. :P

Gone all day... say a prayer for the hub. Today's the grilling day. Big bucks please!! :)


Liza said...

mmm jackson brown!! makes me wanna have a kid named jackson after his father :P hehe

you know, i actually enjoy doing laundry (aside from folding it because i hate touching fabric) because i love the smell of clean clothes. it costs me 2$ for one load of laundry so needless to say i don't really enjoy doing my laundry anymore!!

happy friday =]

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