Thursday, March 16, 2006


The weather is gorgeous! I'm looking out the window at a beautiful morning. The sky is blue and it's already 57 outside. My coffee is yummy and I'm looking for a dress for my sister's wedding online at Nordis (Nordstrom to all you Non Nordi I'm online, because it's Nashville. We don't have one here.

Let's see...I only heard one disturbing word from my daughters' mouths this morning. Stripper.

"Ava stop dancing like that. You're dancing like a Stripper," screamed my 11 going on 20 daughter!

Stripper! Let me say it one more time...Stripper! Not a word used in this house. LOL! Holy Crap. Ava learned this little, I'll call it a Tush Push...from her friend at school. Imagine Beyonce. Get the picture? OH MY! She's cute and just dancing...then Ms. Princess mentions stripper.

"Mommy,what is a stripper," Ava eagerly asks. Yep...we had a stripper talk.

I'm afraid to type what I told case there are any ex strippers out there. Let's just say no self respect was mentioned. go off on a tangent. LOL. Imagine that.

My girls know better than to hit me with the doozies (yes i typed doozie) before the coffee hits. :) to tomorrow!

Get your green ready babes. Get your corned beef at the market, a little cabbage....crock pots out, your drink of choice....and get ready for St. Patty's Day! Too bad you're not here. You could partake in Christie St. Patty's festivities. :)


[Mat] said...

From another place, in another space.

Maybe in a similar situation.

I'll hope life treats you well. And thanks for the wishes.

Stripper talk. I can't imagine how I'd react. Go to a club, I guess. :)

The Kept Woman said...

Is pizza Irish?

That's what we're having tomorrow night...

ThursdayNext said...

Top O' The Mornin' To Ya, Christie! Oh dear, this post makes me never want to think about my baby nephew, Jack, being a teenage boy. I assure you, between me, his mom, and his other aunt, that kid is never, ever going to that kind of a club. :)