Saturday, March 04, 2006

Can it only be 9AM?!

I do more before 11AM, than most people do the whole day!

  • Woke up to, "Are you going to get up already, or what? I'm hungry." I think it was only 6:07 exactly.
  • Licks on my face from baby Mochs.
  • Took the dogs for a long walk to make sure they had poopies. Wouldn't want to upset the husband with an accident by Mocha.
  • Made two different breakfasts...oatmeal for sam, and apples w/peanut butter for ava and me.
  • Made and sipped coffee.
  • Worked on my Blooming Violets website.
  • Talked to my mom.
  • Sipped more coffee...

Now it's 10:48

  • The roof guy is here looking at a few tiles that need to be fixed.
  • Kids are jumping on the furniture.
  • Ava has dressed Mocha like a ballerina in a pink tutu...and now like a princess in a purple.
  • Kelsey and Ava are fighting over the dog.
  • I'm on second load of laundry.
  • Ummm they're still fighting.
  • Oh and let me add this. The hubby is upset with me because I said anything about the other night to him. He's giving me the silent treatment. I hate that more than anything you can imagine! F-er!

Happy Saturday...




dakotablueeyes said...

Holy Crap busy busy morning you have. I have done nothing today. lol Sickypoo here.

Cat said...

Wow you are a busy beaver!

Hope your weekend is GREAT!

Take care

LizzieDaisy said...

Can I type f-er or does that count as swearing? I wonder. Hm. :)

Anyhoo... laundry, doggie poo and kids fighting, man does that ever sound familiar. Somehow this isn't how I pictured my life :) but I wouldn't trade the munchkins in. They do make me smile...

I kept hearing muffled coughs last night and was wondering... this am Mol told me she coughed in her pillows so she wouldn't bother me. Awwww. I was caught between her being an angel for caring and my being a witch cause she was worried she'd bug me. Still, sweet huh?


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